Thomas, homeless





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zetlog November 21, 2014
very powerful photo!
2210khushbu December 13, 2014
very dramatic and strong.
michaeltillman PRO+
michaeltillman December 18, 2014
Wow, what character. Imagine the stories this man can tale you; along with the hidden wisdom you'll find. Great shot.
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth December 30, 2014
Heartbreaking, beautiful....that face. Brings tears to my eyes!
JDLifeshots May 16, 2015
Amazing portrait shot! Congrats.
Awesome shot
normg123 PRO
normg123 July 11, 2015
Wonderful comment on the human condition.
staceygoodwin August 15, 2016
Wouldn't you love to sit and listen to this mans stories of life?
giusepperussofoto PRO+
giusepperussofoto June 22, 2018
Molto espressiva

Behind The Lens

I took this picture in the streets of Naples (IT)
It was early morning ... Thomas had just woken up from his corner of the street and I saw him from a distance. I ran up to him and asked him to photograph him . He was very kind ... he told me his story.
There was a beautiful natural light , not too strong ... the sky was cloudy. The light was perfect to highlight his face.
i used canon eos 7d with 50mm f1.8...and nothing more.
I like street photography and street portrait. when I saw him I could not let me escape ... I ran to him. I told him my name, and then we began to talk. I offered him a cigarette and I started taking pictures while he told his story.
I used a personal Dragan effect for this portrait.
In my camera bag
I usually carry with me a Canon eos 6d with 40mm f2.8, 16-28mm f2.8 and 24-105mm f4 ... and a monopod. For the steet photography almost exclusively use the 40mm.
Traveling , move. The world is full of beautiful people with a story to tell, just approach and ask them to tell us about it.

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