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andrew2 June 26, 2013
Awesome Capture and Detail
photobug November 01, 2013
Wow thank you so much
jleiweke November 02, 2013
dangerousdick July 16, 2014
Thimbee May 22, 2015
Very Nicely done!

sunrise on the eye

horned owl
horned owl
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken a few years ago. This owl was in a sanctuary for displaced animals Taken in South America. He has been since released and we hope doing well.
Taken first part of the day when the sun is first coming up. All natural lighting, hence notice the sunrise in the eyes.
The lighting and back drop is natural. Nothing special being used. Making this a favorite of mine.
I used I believe my a55slt Sony camera (I also have a58 and a full frame 300), with a Minolta 300 lens.
This was part of a project, in which we do as volunteers ( my wife and my two daughters) to preserve a little bit of nature. I have found that taking photos early in the morning or at dusk makes for a more natural setting. It also means less stress for the animals.
This photo is not layered or heavily processed. Most of my rehabilitation photos are mostly natural processed and edited in light room. So is very comparable to the work we used to do when processing by hand.
In my camera bag
It really depends on where I am going. Took a trip to the Patagonia a couple of years back and took everything and the kitchen sink, didn't want to miss anything, he he he - was a mistake for my daughter and I was backpacking. Was too much. So I went back to carrying the basics my camera small hand stick and two lenses leave the rest at the car, or room. I picked up a short 50 1.8 that shoots real sharp. and I have a Sony 18 - 75 ll which works well also. My favorite the old Minolta- 300 .
Patience, lots, Wherever you are take time to notice the details and how you can make them stand out for someone to notice. A highlight a perspective or angle. Remember to be prepared to shoot. The weather, climate, or moments are always changing. Tell your story and dont be afraid.

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