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tinekeziemer November 10, 2014
just darling! Her spontaneous play is so magical!
stamatispappas January 22, 2015
travelfaraway February 17, 2015
This is just so....Beautiful.
michaelanglin March 12, 2015
Your work is outstanding sir.
jameshubbard April 19, 2015
Pretty darn SWEET !
Remraf April 29, 2015
Great shot!
catini April 29, 2015
Beautiful mood, congrats on your feature!
AliAlzuhair April 29, 2015
tetvet April 29, 2015
great shot lovely colors, congrats
mazenmikati April 29, 2015
Just Superb. the Red ambiance is everywhere.
Capture-Life April 29, 2015
i just LOOOVE your work !!! :):) ❤
kathyk_abq April 29, 2015
Oh my - how gorgeous! Your portraits are stunning! I'm so glad you were featured so I was able to see them. :)
chuckrickman April 29, 2015
Lovely capture. Congrats on being featured.
kanizkhan April 30, 2015
Fairytale princess
MabelleImago May 15, 2015
Daniel_Sarunic May 20, 2015
great swirl blur
katherinegailowens May 21, 2015
Love your work. I knew this was yours before I ever clicked on it.
joynshannon May 23, 2015
Precious. Playful.
Praneel May 30, 2015
Amazingly beautiful !!!!!!!!
sergeynosov June 02, 2015
Beautiful. Very cinematic look.
kristyp June 18, 2015
So sweet as always! Your work is so beautiful!
edanb June 19, 2015
This is beautiful! I love it!
clareparsons June 20, 2015
Workshopphotos June 25, 2015
Amazing and beautiful. Your skill is much to be desired. Outstanding. An award winner for sure.
ckaeha July 05, 2015
sweet gentle innocence
mariNYC184 July 17, 2015
Sweet little Alice in Wonderland!
Tkay August 01, 2015
Bishoop August 07, 2015
So nice !
kstandley August 09, 2015
Lscorgie September 11, 2015
Beautiful!! Something out a fairy tale!!!
CappyKev December 01, 2015
Jake, I really like the way the photo darkens and blurs outwards toward the frame. May I ask if this is the result of the lens or filter? Or is this part of post process editing? I can imagine that the shallow depth of field helps with the 1.2 f-stop. My compliments on the way the eye is drawn inward toward the subject. Great work.
sarahmirkin January 08, 2016
So gorgeous and ethereal! I was thinking the same things as CappyKev above me about whether the blur outwards was the result of a lens/filter or post processing. It is a very cool effect tastefully done to perfectly accentuate the subject.
mantra88 May 08, 2016
Incredibly beautiful :-)
rebecca812 September 20, 2016
Angelwheller October 12, 2016
Beautiful well done
nandicmb November 06, 2016
Congratulations on both your Awards!
Mrsviruet September 04, 2017
Love it
adavies September 23, 2017
Beautiful! Nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my People Enjoying the Leaves of Fall challenge:)
tmlakshmi October 08, 2017
wow!!!! beautiful composition. Hats off
Tanda4bama November 16, 2018

Ruby Autumn

Reframed The Jake Olson Story is now available for presale on Amazon at http:--www.amazon.com-reFramed-The-Jake-Olson-Story-dp-0993770614...
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Reframed The Jake Olson Story is now available for presale on Amazon at http:--www.amazon.com-reFramed-The-Jake-Olson-Story-dp-0993770614
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