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sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 November 01, 2014
Love the fog! ")

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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken , climbing a mountain in Juneau, Alaska . Instead of taking the gondola, we decided to climb our way up. it was very foggy and I loved the mood it gave. It was like being in a forest of shades of trees .
We left the boat early in the morning. It took us a little while to find the head of the trail . We walked for an hour when I took the shot .
Very special lighting ... the fog was more dense in some area , like here , on this photo. It was very calm, no wind, so the fog wouldn't move . We couldn't see very far ahead of us .
I had my Lumix DMC-Gx7 with a 14-150 zoom on it . I shot at 50mm . No tripod, no flash. I usually have a polarise filter on my lens when the light permits it . I shot at 50mm. The iso was quite high : 1600. f/8.0, speed 1/500 sec.
The fog got thicker as we climbed up. I saw the coats of shade . The trees looked like ghosts, the colour were fading. It was like in a dream. An unreal scene. I tempted to catch the mood of this very moment .
I gave a touch of highlights to make it darker and a bit of clarity to enhance the contrast.
In my camera bag
Since I often take pictures backpacking , I try to keep my bag light . This is why I prefer a micro four third equipment : Lumix Gx7 body with an Olympus 14- 150 zoom on it . I also bring a second body , the very light GF6 when I travel . I wear a body strap to keep the camera from banging on my chest and to reduce the tension on my neck. I have a very light telescopic tripod , few neutral grey filters , cleaning pen. I often have the Panasonic 75-300 lens for wildlife.
It doesn't really matter here because the picture is not clear , and it didn't required much post-processing , but it is always a better idea to keep the ISO lower. The speed at 1/500 wasn't necessary, so it was possible. Since there is no depth of field, the opening could have been larger than f/8.0 as well . Maybe a grey filter would have given more punch .

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