Japan Dragon Tree

This fabulous tree was shot in Kamakura - Japan

This fabulous tree was shot in Kamakura - Japan
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DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 November 18, 2014
Very interesting tree formation, and the branches are very different too. I love how the trunk really twists around. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz movie.
MichelJodoin November 19, 2014
Thanks !
cynthialesley December 27, 2014
Beautiful scene with real cool looking trees. I am very impressed.
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 26, 2015
Wonderful image. Congratulations on being Featured.
Remraf March 26, 2015
Great shot!
NinthNation March 26, 2015
beautiful...well done on being featured
catini March 26, 2015
Great shot, congrats on your feature!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 26, 2015
super image, great tree, congrats
iceman2 March 26, 2015
Wonderful image!Congrats
chuckrickman March 26, 2015
Nice job. Congrats on being featured.
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud March 26, 2015
I love the twisted tree, sky and all around capture. Congratulations on being featured.
Barniegoog March 26, 2015
Great focal point on the twisted tree trunk, nice work.
Robb PRO
Robb March 26, 2015
towards the bottom?, what list...simply superb...thank you
aharrington March 26, 2015
wow thats one amazing tree and congrats on your feature
johnmdavies PRO
johnmdavies March 27, 2015
Lovely colour and a masterpiece well done
Shudderbug PRO+
Shudderbug March 27, 2015
Beautiful. Makes me want to go back there. Loved getting lost on my way to the big buddah. Would love to find myself in this fairy land scene.
Christofa April 13, 2015
A beautiful image! Love it!
JMCC April 19, 2015
Wonderful image!
dougvanduzen July 18, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
dougvanduzen July 18, 2015
Bravo ! caught my eye cause I love those odd trees and you show it well.
nataliasapiga August 03, 2015
the best
photosue50 September 14, 2015
Great shot
tskwelin September 16, 2015
wow..i wish i could do this..so amazing
SteBil30 PRO
SteBil30 June 29, 2018

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Kamakura, Japan.
After spending the whole day searching for nice shots, we ended up in a small park in Kamakura at the end of the day where the sun was going down.
The shape of that tree was pretty unusual and the light falling on it gives the impression of burning flames.
This shot was hand-held with a Sony A7R with 24-70mm
We wera about to take the train to go back to Tokyo when I saw this impressive tree in a japanese garden. It catches my eyes and I wanted to capture this moment.
Altough it looked a little bit like HDR, this picture was made with only one shot at 1/800 f/6.3 100 iso at 24mm. The main processing work was to remove tourists in the shot.
In my camera bag
Travelling as light as possible, I had only my Sony A7R with a 24-70mm f/4 lens.
Waiting for the best moment of the day is invaluable to capture some depth and texture in your photographs.

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