Sweeter With Sugar

Sugar pouring over a strawberry resting in a spoon.

Sugar pouring over a strawberry resting in a spoon.
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gunners42 March 26, 2013
Well done, and Welcome to Viewbug!
aleta_davis_072 March 28, 2013
I really love this picture.
ctoc PRO
ctoc March 28, 2013
This is a winner!
poppy March 30, 2013
Awesome creativity. Beautiful.
meshersmith PRO+
meshersmith March 30, 2013
Beautiful !!!!!!!!!
StuartWright PRO
StuartWright April 04, 2013
Great thinking in this capture, very very good !
Douglas_Kelley Premium
Douglas_Kelley April 04, 2013
Cool shot,, love the effect of the sugar I would guess. very nice
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 April 04, 2013
love this!
hikingmaniac April 05, 2013
Very nice!
DonTX April 09, 2013
Very beautiful and creative photo!
GordonD PRO
GordonD April 14, 2013
very creative art!
CanadianOutlaw April 15, 2013
Cool !
Crystal3d April 15, 2013
Great for advertising.
Duval April 16, 2013
Brilliant !! :-D
NinaKling PRO
NinaKling April 16, 2013
fantastic shot - just everything about it works!!!
maksym PRO
maksym April 19, 2013
Great capture, love the patterns!!!!!
Sergei April 24, 2013
Sweet, love it!
Artmann Premium
Artmann April 25, 2013
Awsome! Way to go Carla1
jrsosky June 03, 2013
Very, very cool!
iceman2 June 12, 2013
Excellent focus in this beautiful capture.Congrats!
fauzisgt July 03, 2013
I though this is water, but it is sugar, good idea, good work
solah December 25, 2014
i love SUGAR!!!!!!
roccochiara January 01, 2015
davvero eccezionale idea!!!
cmcbella December 25, 2017
Thank you!
cmcbella March 13, 2018
Thank you
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb Jan 05
Instant favourite, absolutely amazing shot

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in our home in California, USA., in our kitchen on our table. I'm a photo enthusiast, a momtog, a nonitog, and other than occasional guidance from a few photo friends, and Dan, a wonderful man and mentor I'm self taught.
This image was taken on a cool winters day in March. I started assembling the items I needed in the late morning. I remember my uncertainty as I considered, tried and rejected numerous "household" items to suspend the spoon and strawberry. Lots of trial and error, did I say lots, lol. I ended up using our copper shower caddy. Its base was wide enough to support the spoon/strawberry while offering different height options. I used the back side of this caddy then placed a collection bowl underneath the spoon and strawberry. Next was getting the angle of the spoon just right and duct taping it in place. Set up took a while and I photographed into the afternoon.
Our dinette area had a set of corner Windows and a open light French door. Initially, I used available light and adjusted it by louvering the blinds. The wall behind the spoon/strawberry was white and I just wasn't satisfied with the look. I taped a piece of black velvet fabric to the wall and immediately like the change in my test shots. The lighting wasn't right. After adjusting not only the blinds but also the caddy I set up my SB800 speed light. I placed it on a tripod, added CyberSync remotes, adjusted the settings and placement until I was satisfied with the quality of light. It was important to keep the lighting from falling onto the black velvet. I closed down the lighting from the windows and added a piece of black foam board to prevent light spilling onto the black velvet. More test shots and adjustments until I was satisfied.
I shot this with my Nikon D800. Other items: two tripods; one for my camera, the other for my SB800 speedlight. 24-70mm, f2.8 lens and 105mm, f2.8 lens. CyberSync remotes and a shutter release cable. I already mentioned the shower caddy, spoon, strawberry, bowl, black velvet fabric, a fairly large plastic cup and Sugar. I nestled the strawberry on top of and into the sugar filled spoon.
I was inspired by beautiful soft white water waterfall images I'd admired. Thinking how they were done and wanting to try it in a small way first and before I tried it in nature. I continued thinking this off and on for a little while. One day while grocery shopping I saw these gorgeous strawberries and the idea developed into this shoot. It was a great learning experience and fun.
I shot this in raw. I downloaded into Lightroom, sorted through my images and ultimately decided this was my best. I made some very basic adjustments and then took it into photoshop. Because I'd spent time planning, setting up, adjusting light and camera settings, I felt pretty good about my in camera images. I adjusted my contrast, hue, saturation, I used a curves layer to assure none of the super was to bright. I did invert the curves mask and selectively brushed the effect where needed. I left the cropping for last. After several goes, I decided on this as my final crop. I've enjoyed using Lightroom and Photoshop. The learning curve was pretty steep and I don't think you can ever know to much. I love the technology that allows me to watch tutorials and learn more and more about these two powerful programs!
In my camera bag
My go to camera is my Nikon D800! Love it and it is great for this photo enthusiast. I'm confident it'll allow me to take any kind or style of photography that currently holds my interest. I seldom go anywhere without my Nikor 70-200mm, f2.8, VR lens. With this lens I've taken images of nature, portraits, wildlife and ..... I have other Nikor lenses: 16-24mm, 24-70mm, 105mm all f2.8. I will add one of these lenses depending on where I'm headed. My filters are small and never leave my bag. Neutral density and polarizing filters. I like to carry my speedlight and remotes again small and I'm surprised how many times I've pulled them out as an aid. I have a really awful tripod I picked up somewhere. There are always plastic bags, white coffee filter, and a white plastic shower curtain.
My best advice is, "Go for it!" Because I'm mainly self taught I'll give it my best and try. I've learned so, so much through trial and error. When there is no one looking over your shoulder telling this or that won't work, you really never know boundaries. That is, until you learn otherwise. With this specific image it was the planning and attention to details. It didn't just happen I one shot. I started with the hero, the strawberry. From there it was how to suspend it, at the correct angle and without it sliding off. Would the white wall show off the strawberry and flowing sugar? No, it didn't pop until I placed the black velvet behind it. Then I moved on to the lighting. Would natural light be enough or did I need assistance. I've learned I like getting it right in camera and that means learning my manual settings and shooting in raw. With raw everything I see is a neutral image and use Lightroom/photoshop to bring it up to what I saw. I didn't use it here but, I love, love digital compositing, texturizing and digital darkroom imagery!

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