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jane_koranda September 10, 2014
Precious photo... love it
DebbieKMiller81 October 01, 2014
Very precious. My husband LOVED this shot. It is really adorable. Everyone including animals needs a little snuggle time once in awhile.
sweetpea72 October 01, 2014
so very cute...congrats! ")
JerrysPhotography October 01, 2014
AlanJakarta October 01, 2014
Beautiful. Congratulations on being a Runner-up.
Rl1956 October 03, 2014
very cute, congrats on runner up
JDLifeshots October 03, 2014
Amazing capture! Congrats.
katiaplatonova October 04, 2014
! Very special photo.
cmorisset October 12, 2014
Oh so sweet and precious. Well done and congrats! Love it ( :
Ozipie November 07, 2014
I always wondered who took all the amazing photos on the Edgar's Mission Facebook (and website) I know. You really capture the animals' personalities. Congrats. Well deserved.
Chrism November 10, 2014
Absolutely adorable capture :)
mbugua November 11, 2014
I call this image - friends
ReneeBlake January 25, 2015
So sweet !
sarahdarvill August 22, 2015
You should enter this in my Happiness photo challenge :-)
This is the link...
ShifraG June 19, 2016

Cuddle Time

Rescued orphaned lambs cuddling at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary -
Rescued orphaned lambs cuddling at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary -
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Behind The Lens

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary (Australia)
Afternon (Golden hour :) )
I have been experimenting with backlighting for a few weeks and it gives the most beautiful golden glow at the right time of the sunset.
Canon 1DX, 200mm f2
I wanted to show the love and kindness between animals complimented by the warmth of the light at that time of day.
increased saturation and contrast, vignetting and radial gradient.
In my camera bag
Canon 1DX, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 IS USM II, canon 16-35mm f2.8 II, canon 135mm f2, canon 100mm macro.
Try photographing in the afternoon sun just before the sunset. Use a telephoto lens if possible because you don't want the overblown highlights from the sky and light effecting the shot and the metering. Use spot metering on your subject for the correct exposure and darken the background in post production. Be patient, experiment and have fun :)

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