Easter 2011, Aleksandra Hadzic,

Easter 2011, Aleksandra Hadzic,
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Venice, Italy, during our city trip at Easter 2011. We started our walk at the railway station of Venice and we were heading to St. Mark's Square. Somewhere in Venice on one of those countless little bridges I saw this scene and took a photo of it.
It was around noon (11:39 a.m., to be precise). We were already walking through Venice and taking photos and indulging in the atmosphere of this beautiful city for about two hours.
The sky was overcast with grey clouds so there was no sunshine. Therefore, there are no extreme shadows. The light is smooth and gentle although it was taken in the middle of the day.
I took this photo with my first digital camera. It was a small Casio Exilim EXZ-110. In 2011 I didn't know anything about aperture, shutter speed, manual mode, ISO, WB, tripods, flashes etc. I was just shooting. Looking at this camera now, I just found out that it can take exposures of up to 60 seconds and can be mounted on a tripod. Apart from that little camera I didn't use any other equipment.
If you have ever been to Venice, you know how crowded this place can be. All the people and tourists are rolling through the narrow streets, bumping into each other. And then suddenly - a place of silence in the centre of Venice. The water isn't moving, no one is in the boat, on the balcony or looking out of the window. A microcosm of quiteness and remoteness amidst Venice. I liked the way the channel takes a bend so you cannot see what's behind the curve.
This image is straight out of the camera. It was one of my first images I uploaded on ViewBug and I didn't do any processing. I use Lightroom now, maybe I would darken the sky a bit and raise the saturation of the colors, so that the facades and the blue and red of the boats become more vibrant. I could imagine that this could be a nice B&W-image as well.
In my camera bag
Now, three years later, I have a Sony Alpha 6000. I usually carry with me the Sony kit-lens 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 and a Sony 50mm F1.8. Depending on my mood I also pack a Tamron 90 SP2.5 and a Tessar 135mm F2.8 into my bag. I was really lucky to get to know another photograph enthusiast who has a pretty fair stock of lenses at home and is willing to lend them to me. Thank you, Norbert ;-)
Just keep your eyes open for the opportunities.

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