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JerryPC57 August 09, 2014
This one is a gallery piece for sure. Amazing!
Gragorgix August 18, 2014
Well said
carlosramos August 10, 2014
Perfect in all aspect !
LawrenceGphotos August 11, 2014
You have captured a lovely mood here! super shot
dcarasso August 19, 2014
straight into "my muse" directory :)
wendyjanecann September 01, 2014
Storycatcher September 03, 2014
Love the mist and the color of her dress. Well chosen.
onyanita September 03, 2014
magical...congrats on the award.
sshuler75 September 07, 2014
Love This....
Flosno September 07, 2014
Lovely image
Flosno September 07, 2014
Congrats on your award....deserving
Brittneybryant September 11, 2014
Very interesting... love the surrealism and atmospheric quality.. Well done!
sasi_cyborg December 10, 2014
its amazing...its shows like best cinematographic ghost scene in movies
davidbidmead December 19, 2014
Congratulations ! Brilliant image, great atmosphere.
ntgreen December 24, 2014
Great image! Bravo for a stunning piece of art!
KayBrewer June 24, 2015
Congratulations! Finalist in Hide and Seek!
vincentlimkimkeong August 19, 2015
master piece, like it when saw it. I like the color tone as well.
Witmar September 09, 2016
fantastic work
tjimz September 09, 2016
a 1000 times yes. so magical.
ChrystalOlivero September 26, 2016






Contest Finalist in Hide And Seek Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in The Gratitude Photo Contest
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Onion Creek in Ausitn, TX.
It was taken on a beautiful summer afternoon.
The photo was taken in a wooded area. I used the light that beamed through the trees and placed my subject in the path of the strongest beam.
I used my Canon 60D, a Canon 50mm lens and a tripod.
This photo was inspired by my personal "Ah-Ha" moment. The moment I realized that creating for myself rather than others is what truly makes me happy. As depicted in the photo, it was if I was walking out of a fog and was finally awake.
Yes. The fog is made up of baby powder. In photoshop, I used the clone stamp tool to spread the "fog" throughout the frame.
In my camera bag
Canon 60D, Canon 50mm lens, Tamron 10-24mm lens, a shutter release remote and a lens cloth.
Yes. Be patient and plan ahead. Having a plan will save time. Every shot isn't going to work so don't get frustrated. Just keep at it, take your time and don't forget that we are ALL still learning.

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