lilack breasted roller





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julieeverhart January 27, 2013
Beautiful colors! Gorgeous capture!
CanadianOutlaw January 27, 2013
Beautiful bird !
philippealbanel January 28, 2013
very nice one
RoxanneE February 02, 2013
Great photo!!
DigitalDawn February 19, 2013
What a great capture of an adorable birdie! Ive never seen one of these, its beautiful!
Jenrules481 March 05, 2013
Absolutely STUNNING! This is my favourite picture of yours by far!
ak8996a March 08, 2013
jorgegarciaperez March 09, 2013
Very nice capture!
shakeelbaloch March 18, 2013
good shot
daytonbeard March 19, 2013
Great shot
chipbhi March 24, 2013
Gorgeous shot!
ritaadams March 29, 2013
beautifully colored little bird. great shot!
GordonD PRO
GordonD April 14, 2013
Joel_Rivera PRO
Joel_Rivera June 27, 2013
Gorgeous capture absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharring it with Beauty all around us :)
sam58 June 29, 2013
very nice capture !
marystory2005 July 11, 2014
Beautiful capture! A bird with such lovely colors!
dmitrysamsonov August 09, 2016
Awesome image !

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in 2011, in the Kruger National Park. Our family loves travelling and I have had the pleasure to see some amazing animals and scenery.
I found this Lilack-breasted Roller sitting on a dead branch in the early evening sun as if it was a statue, the roller only tilted its head every few seconds (witch was the only indication that this was not a battery operated toy...) . This incident was very lucky for me as I could take about a hundred photos, before it finally had enough of this photo shoot and flew away.
It was about 4 o'clock in the evening, which is a great time to take photos. The bird sat really close to the road and his eye was perfectly lit up. Honestly the time of the day and light of the moment was just perfect, because I didn't plan the shot - the bird sort of planned it for me.
This photo was taken five years ago. Back then I still only had my Canon EOS 350D, and I used an 200mm sigma lens.
It was a beautiful moment. The Lilac-breasted roller sat their as if it was glued to the stick and when you see a pretty bird like that you take as many pictures as you can.
Yes I cropped this photo a little and also adjusted the contrast slightly in order to better bring out the colours.
In my camera bag
In my bag I have my Canon EOS 650D camera; a 60mm macro lens, a 18-200mm lens and a 70-300mm lens.
When you want to capture something, you have to ask yourself: What is right about this picture/ what is beautiful, and what part of what I am seeing do I want other people to see. Then just take as many photos as possible of the subject and experiment with different angles and settings until you get That shot.

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