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billythekid July 26, 2014
Excellent, great expression.
Sanmi September 02, 2014
Extraordinary photography.
onyanita November 08, 2014
brilliant! Congrats on the Feature
catini November 08, 2014
Congrats on your feature!
iceman2 November 08, 2014
Congratulation on being feature!
sweetpea72 November 08, 2014
fantastic shot...Congrats! ")
tinekeziemer November 08, 2014
This makes me feel so happy!
Capture-Life November 08, 2014
bahahha LOOOVE this!! that expression.. it's CONTAGIOUS !!! :):) love this to bits! HUGE congrats to your shout out !!! 8)
gondmagdi November 08, 2014
great shot !
michaeltillman November 09, 2014
Interesting, strong features. I did't know Santa can sing. Congrats. on the feature. I just love black and white. Great shot!
AlanJakarta November 09, 2014
Excellent image. Congratulations on being Featured.
laurieknowlton November 12, 2014
Such joy in his eyes!
GabriellaChamberland November 12, 2014
Awesome Picture! great expression.
akmeldrum November 14, 2014
Congratulations. This truly made my day to get to share this moment.
DAPhotography November 15, 2014
This shows such a character. Great shot and congrats!
pkraja November 18, 2014
what a stunning the DOF and the composition
architamitra November 21, 2014
Natural and true....
nadiachatterton November 22, 2014
Congratulations on your award! Amazing capture, brilliant portrait
ArturRydzewski December 14, 2014
Chrissimpson01 December 19, 2014
Great character and feeling, works so well in B&W. Great twinkle in the eyes.
muscularchristian December 19, 2014
This is wonderful what story it tell I have no idea
jackielister January 22, 2015
Love this picture - full of the joy of life!
zoso January 22, 2015
Excellent capture
Billyboy February 04, 2015
Fabulous. Love the movement !
FireLillyCreations April 14, 2015
I love his free spirited expression! Perfection!
zohairsza April 17, 2015
this is great :)
KarlParish July 24, 2015
Wow!! This is awesome!! Love it!! x
MonaClementsPhotography June 01, 2017
Wonderful! This made me smile instantly. Fantastic

Man Like Shift





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo while working in a transmission manufacturing shop, Monster Transmission and Performance.
Indoors during normal work hours, therefore we had a controlled environment.
A florescent fill light was used to bring out every stitch of his skin.
The equipment I used involved my Canon EOS 70D with a Tamron Di II 17-50mm lens. No tripod, but we did stand in a florescent light and a small industrial fan to blow the subjects hair.
Grease Inc. Magazine requested a cover photo that was enticing. I sat with my marketing team at Monster Transmission and Performance at to hash out the different subject materials we could use to make the magazine cover stick out from the rest. We came to the conclusion that the reaction a person gets from shifting gears during their first test drive with their new transmission was the best option, therefore Man Like Shift was arranged.
Minimal processing was done to this photo; dropping the saturation and increasing the luminosity were the significant alterations. Other than that I did add a gaussian blur around the edges to expand the depth of field.
In my camera bag
On a daily basis, besides my camera and lens, I will have with me a tripod, monopod, cleaning supplies, gaffing tape, an external shutter button, and occasionally an external flash.
If you would like to develop an image like Man Like Shift, here are a few tips: 1. Understand your subject depending on your purpose. - Man Like Shift was developed on the inspiration of the reaction a man gets when shifting his transmission gears for the first time. The chances you will be doing the same thing will be slim, but think outside the box and juxtapose a roller coaster. 2. You'll need minimal equipment. - A small industrial fan and moderate lighting will do. Of course, the more light the better with any detailed image, but just keep in mind your subject won't stay completely still. Don't use a tripod! 3. Take a multiple images. - When placing any industrial fan in front of someone, they're bound to make different expressions each time, take multiple images and find which facial expression you like best. And most importantly, have fun.

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