Model Amber

I love her eyes and her looks...

I love her eyes and her looks...
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edstilwell July 12, 2014

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my living room in Dordrecht (the Netherlands). I am a self taught photographer, so every shoot is pretty much a new lesson for me and this was my sixth model photoshoot.
I love this photo becasue it was shoot in my livingroom with some midday daylight and two cheap studiolights.
Here I use two lights.... one with an black umbrella and silver reflection for the mainlight and one light with a softbox for the fill light. I use the umbrella in an angle left little from above and the softbox on the other side same level as models face.
I shoot this photo with my Canon 600D and a canon 50mm 1.8 lens. I use two flashes... one with a softbox and one with a black umbrella.
I love to shoot models and this model was so lovely with a awesome look in her eyes that I am focus mostly on her looks and eyes. The moment I shoot this photo I almost could imagine a excotic background behind her.
After doing simple retouching on her skin and hair I made a simple composition. The background was almost as I imagine this while I was photoshooting her.
In my camera bag
I normaly have not that much in my bag. Canon 600D, Canon 50mm 1.8, Tamron 90mm 2.8. One flashlight, two batteries, two 32Gig memoriecards. One trigger for my flash to shoot of camera flash. And Always carrie a 30" Westcott reflector.
This kind of portraits (taken in my livingroom) I use Always two lights.... one umbrella as mine main light and a softbox for the fill light. I am Always searching for as little shadow as possible because I love not much. When taken portraits outside on location .... I am Always place the sun (if there is) behind the model and fill in the light with my reflector... and sometimes I use the flashlight.

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