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Hookers Falls, DuPont Forest

Blue Ridge Parkway and Appallachian Mountains

© 2010 Donald E Brown

Blue Ridge Parkway and Appallachian Mountains

© 2010 Donald E Brown
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AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta October 24, 2014
Lovely slow exposure. Congratulations on being Featured.
paulmullin October 24, 2014
Nice work. Well deserved
sxsvexen PRO
sxsvexen October 24, 2014
catini October 24, 2014
Good exposure, congrats on your feature!
photoop October 24, 2014
Beautiful. My backyard!
RichardReames October 24, 2014
Beautiful shot, congratulations!
drakkardarkblade October 24, 2014
William_Doyle October 24, 2014
Gorgeous. Very nicely captured. Congrats on the feature. :)
Wayne2photos October 24, 2014
Beautiful Capture!
iceman2 October 24, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
AliAlzuhair October 24, 2014
Very nice!
Jocmif October 24, 2014
Wow, this is beautiful.
sweetpea72 October 24, 2014
Stunning..My kind of shot..Congrats! ")
nlROJO October 24, 2014
Simply beautiful.
stone12 October 24, 2014
Good enough to be on a calendar, super autumn shot, regards.
lorrainegardner October 24, 2014
Beautiful New Zealand ♥
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 October 24, 2014
Really beautiful picture. Congratulations on your award.
patrick9x9 PRO
patrick9x9 October 24, 2014
Fantastic shot. Congrats
photoman29691 October 25, 2014
Very nice shot!
JoseV October 25, 2014
Beautiful shot.
vojce October 25, 2014
very nice
articleangel007 October 26, 2014
Beautiful shot!
jane_koranda October 26, 2014
Great shot... I've been there many time... LOVE IT>....
donaldebrown Platinum
donaldebrown October 27, 2014
Thanks for your kind remarks!
jane_koranda October 30, 2014
Beautiful , been there many times never were the colors so beautiful..
jeffswanson October 30, 2014
Beautiful image.
CozmicKarol PRO
CozmicKarol December 12, 2014
Stunning capture
mstudios79 December 20, 2014
Nice work.
DavesAdventures February 03, 2015
I love this shot Donald. Hooker Falls is a place that I have only been to once. I must change that this upcoming summer. You have a lovely capture of this beauty here my friend
donaldebrown Platinum
donaldebrown June 19, 2015
I love this location in October early before the tourists wake up!!
jenniferkrieble_5126 March 24, 2015
outstanding picture..
rogercampeau PRO+
rogercampeau May 05, 2015
Awesome capture !!
TammyBlais May 27, 2015
Amazing pictures
KennethHuskey May 30, 2015
Nice Capture.
sharlenescarboroughdodds PRO+
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 24, 2015
Absolutely Perfect For Featured
martinjones212 Platinum
martinjones212 May 23, 2017
Wonderful image. Please consider joining my photo challenge: https://

Behind The Lens

Waterfalls and great fall colors are a staple in the Brevard area of North Carolina at the base of the Blue Ridge Mtns. In fact, the area is widely known as Waterfall country. This is Hooker Falls in Dupont Forest not far from Brevard. Most folks visit here and then make the arduous hike to the Lower Falls and Upper Falls and it is a difficult hike for me at 76 yrs old with back problems. But a couple hundred yards from the parking lot and on completely level ground is beautiful Hooker Falls. I visit several times each year always finding a new perspective from which to shoot the falls.
This is from Oct 2010 and at 7:45am. When I visit I usually drive up late in the afternoon before and get up and out before sunrise for the soft light. It gets extremely harsh the closer you get to noon with the sun coming directly down from overhead. The other problem in this area in October is that the area is flooded with "leaf peepers" and one has to get out early to shoot without a million people spoiling the shot.
My attempt always is to share with viewers my own awe and appreciation of the beauty of the forest and the falls this time of year.
This shot was captured with a Nikon D3x, 28-70mm Nikkor Lens at 50mm, polarizing and variable ND filter, .4 Sec at f8 and ISO 400. Camera mounted on Feisol tripod and RRS ballhead. This is the no-crop image from the D3x sensor.
I am always inspired and awes-struck by waterfalls and the cascading streams of the Smokey Mountains. They are all different and almost always incredibly beautiful. When I first moved to the Carolinas, I spent 2 weeks exploring the waterfalls of the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains. The pure raw power exhibited by water flowing over rocks and cliffs will always inspire me to try to show viewers who are not able to witness this in person through photographs.
This and most of my images are processed in Lightroom with an occasional foray into Photoshop to use its powerful layering facilities which make dodging and burning and spot removal easier and transparent. The processing for this capture was mainly a judicious use of saturation, vibrance and clarity and mostly local.
In my camera bag
My SUV is my camera case. I carry a couple of backpacks and bags which I pack in the parking lot. I am always in fear of getting to the shoot without something I need and don't have. Nowadays, my workhorses are a Nikon D4 and a D800e and D500. With these I almost always have the Nikkor AFS 14-24mm, AFS 28-70mm, and AFS 80-400mm. My "always mounted when walking around" lens is the Nikkor AFS 28-300mm. Polarizing and Variable ND Filters are alway close at hand. My workhorse tripod is a Feisol CT-3471 with the RRS BH-55 Bullhead. If there are likely to be birds around I pack the Nikkor AFS 200-500mm lens and a 1.4 and 1.7 tele-xtender.
Research the area and the subject with care and make sure the light you need has a good chance of materializing. I have this same shot in the fog (an unpredicted fog) and it is a good shot but an entirely different shot. One key question when you set out to photograph moving water is what shutter speed is required to get the effect you want. Practice with a faucet or streams in the neighborhood before driving hundreds of miles to the spot. Once there, make a lot of exposures varying everything. Don't pack up to leave without giving yourself the material needed to create the image you envisioned (or better).

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