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helenh December 23, 2012
Serendipity1 December 23, 2012
Wow!! Great shot!
MariposaRosa December 23, 2012
Wow! Outstanding composition! Great balance!
JKSImagery December 23, 2012
That's a pretty awesome find! Great shot!!
carol_bradshaw_4069 January 01, 2013
Awesome capture!
pamela09 January 01, 2013
This is absolutely amazing. Where did you capture this? Right time right place.
pamela09 January 01, 2013
This photo should win an doubt!
maryhale9534 January 01, 2013
Stunning! :)M
rg5858 January 23, 2013
jleiweke February 14, 2013
tsambaproductions February 14, 2013
SarahKeates February 14, 2013
I wish I'd taken this shot! Brilliant! Congrats on your feature!
SaccaraBird February 14, 2013
sandybajwa February 14, 2013
nice shot
HasithaTudugalle February 14, 2013
Well captured! Congrats on the feature!
photomomma February 14, 2013
congrats on a fantastic capture
catini February 14, 2013
Great capture, congrats on your feature!
snowdon February 14, 2013
Amazing likeness to the white horses that are a imaginative idea of waves on a stormy day. Superb image. Congratulations on your feature.
believeit2receiveit February 14, 2013
Fantastic capture! Congrats on win ... well deserved!
Redjule February 14, 2013
Very nice!
tetvet February 14, 2013
Amiqdadi February 14, 2013
congrats...very nice shot
Inmar February 14, 2013
Congrats, wonderful!!!
gyps76 February 14, 2013
Gorgeous! Congrats!
PhotoAlaska February 14, 2013
very nice
Rafal_Antoniuk February 14, 2013
Lovely capture! Congrats!
nitti February 14, 2013
Excellent work....congrats
dannycharge February 14, 2013
love this they look like a boy band with the hairdos lol great shot :)
KelceyJean February 14, 2013
Wonderful! Congratulations on your Feature!
rmr731 February 14, 2013
Amazing capture! Congrats!
Capture-Life February 14, 2013
WOW .!! I absolutely LOOOVE this .! 8)
WTG on the feature !!
robjac85 February 14, 2013
Beautiful shot.
lisawiza February 14, 2013
very beautiful has such a free feel
Mark7D February 14, 2013
wow great shot :O)
iceman2 February 14, 2013
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
RodneyKoch February 14, 2013
Great Capture!!
CarolynBaillargeon February 14, 2013
mailsmc February 14, 2013
Gorgeous shot! Are these the White Horses of the Camargue, in France?
justkim1106 February 14, 2013
I love horses and pictures of horses. This picture is especially beautiful. I makes me smile.
cilla8 February 14, 2013
Beautiful capture!! Congrats on Feature
SusiStroud February 14, 2013
Wow, that is a really awesome shot! Congratulations on your Feature!
rkperry215 February 14, 2013
Great shot!
Jewel February 14, 2013
Beautiful photo! Congratulations on your feature!
TammyMarie February 14, 2013
trista7510 February 14, 2013
Very beautiful. Congratulations!
melissa3339 February 14, 2013
Beautiful! Congrats!
mclaybaugh February 14, 2013
wonderful image, congrats
JDJohnson February 15, 2013
beautiful photo..outstanding...congrats
Shane136 February 15, 2013
Very nice indeed

Ujjwal February 15, 2013
Lovely. Congrats.
lynnemk February 15, 2013
Love this so much great capture.
F8user February 15, 2013
Wow, what a shot! Congrats!
jemoore76 February 15, 2013
Beautiful, congrats on your feature!
debalways21 February 15, 2013
are these wild horses or someones stock
ManCorMac February 15, 2013
Congratulations on your feature!
photosue50 February 15, 2013
Awesome shot
redwriter February 15, 2013
Beautiful shot. Congrats on your feature. - Jake
Carli February 16, 2013
beautiful shot, congrats :D
Timeinabottle February 16, 2013
abcreations February 16, 2013
Dreamy click !!!
NurTucker February 17, 2013
Thanks everybody for the support. I did not even realize until now that I won. I am soo happy.
Lorenzo February 17, 2013
Congrats on your award. Wonderful capture Nur!
DAPhotography February 17, 2013
Great capture. Congratulations!
jesusfreak3520 February 18, 2013
Fabulous capture! Congrats on the feature!
Patty1948 February 18, 2013
That is absolutely beautiful, congrats on such a stunning capture.
la0036 February 18, 2013
Congratulations! Beautiful capture
BarbaraT February 18, 2013
Congratulation on your feature. Outstanding photograph. Can I ak where this was taken?
sarahallegra February 18, 2013
What a remarkable photo! So beautiful!
rodney60 February 18, 2013
great photo.
dannygraham February 18, 2013
what a moment haha classic i love it
cruiseokanagan February 18, 2013
Wonderful capture!
terrysaxby February 19, 2013
Outstanding shot
eastonh February 19, 2013
julieeverhart February 19, 2013
Gorgeous photo!
cheri February 19, 2013
Fantastic Capture!!!
rebecamello February 19, 2013
Wonderful ! Congrtas ! Well desrved !
murphey February 20, 2013
Congrats, can picture this hanging over a fireplace !
GordonD February 21, 2013
Photo or the week, brilliant capture, congratulations! :))
JoeS February 21, 2013
Excellent capture!
disneymamom February 21, 2013
Congrats on award.. Congrats for this experience! Blesings..
disneymamom February 21, 2013
was this dangerous for you?
Inmar February 21, 2013
Congrats on Photo of the week, well deserved!!
jlouie56 February 21, 2013
k February 21, 2013
Beautiful, most majestic of all God's creatures
happyclicker February 21, 2013
Congratulations on your well deserved feature ! The picture is so " Beautiful " !
kellybooth February 21, 2013
Wonderful shot. On my list of places to go :-)
Jazz February 21, 2013
Wonderfull Congrats
BrianBasson February 21, 2013
Beautifully done! You should read the poem 'Horses of the Camargue' by Roy Campbell you ill enjoy it. Brian
BrianBasson February 21, 2013
Congrats with your feature !
beckywheller February 21, 2013
Wowser of a shot!
osvaldogustavo February 21, 2013
ddavidandrews543btinterne February 21, 2013
Great shot,bags of action!!!
melissad February 21, 2013
what beauties, LOVE!!!!!
kristyviera February 21, 2013
rondube February 21, 2013
deancw February 21, 2013
Wow! Great Capture
jaswindersingh February 22, 2013
gteat shot
BarbaraT February 22, 2013
Congratulation on being featured.
MyrianEdithPoggi February 23, 2013
Congratulations NurTucker!
I love your capture.
kellysweet March 01, 2013
VKPhoto April 05, 2013
Wow this is a magnificent capture! Congratulations on the feature :)
GaryB5623 April 23, 2013
Spectacular image; nicely done
Tanya01 April 28, 2013
WOW! Magnificent capture! Congratulations!
HaliSowle May 09, 2013
Just gorgeous! Great light and moment captured.
jseni May 12, 2013
Great shot!
Hari_Subagio May 18, 2013
WOW great capture
parulparmar June 07, 2013
Just like A DREAM!
AliAlzuhair June 07, 2013
Good shot!
UroshGrabner July 20, 2013
Nice one
claumerlinphotoshopera January 28, 2014






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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Saintes Maries de la mer in South of France. This place is famous for its white wild horses and their natural habitat is salt waters and acres of green lands.
This photo was taken at around 10:30 am. The light was quite difficult and the background looked flat
Lighting can be tricky. Background is normally not that interesting. Horses are not very predictable about which direction they will come from and they run at fast speeds. So ISO, Shutter speed, aperture keeps changing. I normally do not like using auto ISO. If I do it, i would put limits on it.
I always use a NIKON camera. This particular one was taken with a D800 using a Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens with a 2.8mm focal length. No tripod, no flash. But wellies are essential :)
The horses of Camargue are white and they are wild. Watching them gallop across salt lakes is breathtaking; imagine a herd of 40 stallions running towards you, emerging from the water. When they are close enough, their ears perk up, and water splashes everywhere. Your senses become overwhelmed with the sounds of the horses galloping in water and the smells of the surrounding areas. How can you not capture that scene?
I use minimal amount of post processing and in this one probably just a bit of cropping and cleaning up the spots from mud.
In my camera bag
I have two camera bodies: Nikon D800 and Nikon D7100. I usually take with me my Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens, and I also pack a 1.6x teleconverter. Lots of lens cleaning cloths. Rain covers, and gloves for my self as I normally take these photos in freezing conditions. When you take photos in Camargue, mosquito repellents, and wellies are essentials.
I would try different angles. The lower you are to the ground the better. Try to get close to the horses and also try to capture their reflection on water. I will use fisherman clothing and get into water next time.

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