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http:--darrianashoka.deviantart.com-art-May-I-Help-You-With-Something-411367687 This model is know as Pure Rebel. She is a very pleasant and professional model ...
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http:--darrianashoka.deviantart.com-art-May-I-Help-You-With-Something-411367687 This model is know as Pure Rebel. She is a very pleasant and professional model to work with, who happens to have a great petite body. One of the best I've seen, and as you can see she's none too shy. I was probably more nervous that she was. She traveled down from Seattle to model for us. She said she also trains other models on how to pose and runs some group photos shoots in her area. Here's a link to her Model Mayhem profile: www.modelmayhem.com-purerebel
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StuartWright September 08, 2014
Great shot, quality colours & lighting
Dacro PRO+
Dacro May 30, 2015
Lovely image of a beautiful model!
jimhelmick July 20, 2015
This model is beautiful.And, the camera loves her nearly as much as I do.
duerr December 13, 2016
She is amazing to work with.
Bernard3616 November 20, 2018
All star

Behind The Lens

This shot is from a group shoot I had attended back on 3/17/13 along with 10 other photographers and 6 models at Studio NW in Beaverton, Oregon. They had those models pose for us at 5 different lighting and props set-up during that 3 hour shoot. It was very well organized where we teamed up with one other photographer shooting at the same time, and switched between stages every 15 minutes, which was really good pacing. I came out with 1,765 images, but about 100 of them were underexposed from the strobes not having time to recharge from the last flash, but not bad considering. Everyone involved was very nice and polite. It was a wonderful atmosphere. I cannot imagine this shoot being managed any better. Sadly Rick moved out of State to SoCal, so we have not had any decent group shoots in this area since he left.
It was a nice Sunday afternoon, but that hardly matters, being we were indoors shooting.
Each stage was equipped with a pair of AlienBee 800 strobe lights with large defusers on stands using wireless triggers supplied by the Organizer Rick Dodele. This was a good lighting arrangement, if not the most artistic.
I used my Nikon D7000 hand held for this shoot. It had a 18mm - 200mm Nikor lens, so I did not have to move my body as much to capture the shots I wanted. This particular image was shot at 100 ISO, f/9, 1/125 sec., zoomed in at 60mm. It seems I was the only photographer who bothered to bring in props: guitar, electric bass, cello, skate boards, drums, studded leather jacket, and a sheer poet shirt: http://darrian-ashoka.deviantart.com/art/Studio-Props-456471036
This model's posing was my inspiration. It was all I could do to keep up with her. She is known as Pure Rebel, who has a classic 60's look. She is a very peasant and professional model to work with, who happens to have a great petite body. One of the best I've seen, and as you can see she's none too shy. I was probably more nervous that she was. More importantly is how she knows how to pose well and move her body after a few flashes to keep things fresh with little to no direction. She is a traveling model and has worked with hundreds of shooters from some of the most respected pros to amateurs like me. She also trains other models on how to pose and has runs some group photos shoots herself featuring other competent models, which is a huge problem in this field. Here's a link to her Model Mayhem profile: www.modelmayhem.com/purerebel If you become a dedicated fan like me here is a link to her Patreon account: www.patreon.com/purerebel Also, here is a short video I shot during this photo shoot: vimeo.com/128833470 I also added a few more videos there from more recent shoots with her. I have wanted to shoot with this gal again, as she is very special, so I finally arranged to shoot her again on the 21st of January 2016, and again on 4/9/16 in a duo shoot with Floofie with my better full frame camera.
I cannot imagine any dedicated photographer not doing some post editing work on every image they take, no matter how well it turned out. Not much alteration was needed on these images of her in post production, but it still takes me around 10 to 30 minutes to process each image and add my watermark, so it's going to take some time to fully scan through all 350 of these usable images I captures of her in that 30 minutes to see what all is worth posting here. I use an easier image editing program called ACDsee Pro 9, which I have used since the mid 90's when it was just an image organizer. It is less expensive than Photoshop and the upgrades are a lot less as well. The main benefit is how I am able to do more in less time. The one down side is how this tends to be the most unstable program I have ever used, so that can be frustrating, but still worth that hassle for it's easy to use tools and features.
In my camera bag
These days I just use my D7000 in my sheet metal workshop, and carry my full frame Nikon D810 with me, which I got when it first came out. It is a beast, and makes other cameras feel like a toy. Even when holding the new D750. I have the Nikon 910 speed light, but I usually just use the pop-up flash when snapping pics around town. It try to keep my Manfroto tripod with me to capture those low light shots at the lowest possible ISO setting with a high aperture.
It seems focal depth is the most debated issue in photography for some strange reason, where many other shooters argue the benefits of wide open low aperture, but I call BS on this, and think they are just being lazy. I know many claim to like the shallow focal depth, but you might want to consider how people do not see the world that way. We do not perceive a shallow focal depth of what we see around us, since our eyes tend to adjust to what ever we are looking at, which happens faster than we would notice the change. If you want to blur part of any image in post that's easy enough to do, but you cannot fix a blurry subject. I know if I am not shooting above f/9 I am not going to be happy with that image. They say they do not want to get the background in focus, yet they are not even getting the whole subject in focus. How crazy is that? Another pet peeve of mine is how so many 'Professional Photographers' are not shooting at the lowest possible ISO. I see some typically shooting between 1600 to 3200 ISO with a full frame camera no less. They would get a better quality image using the camera on their smart phone No joke! If you are not shooting at the lowest possible ISO you are wasting the benefit of your DSLR! Even for casual snap shots if I have to set the camera higher than 400 ISO it is not worth pointing my camera at it, let alone bothering to take that picture, since it would be worthless and cause me nothing but frustration when I look at it on my 42" monitor. Please..... The best way to help train your eye for the proper camera settings is to shoot in manual as much as possible and not rely on your light meter. Sure many of those images will not turn out well at first. Readjust your camera and try again, and again. As many times as it takes. Within 6 months you should be able to see what is needed for the right settings of your camera with and w/o using your flash to get a decent shot each time. This may not have been an option back when we were shooting with film, but with digital this should be easy to do, and just delete the bad exposure shots.

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