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blhartman May 02, 2014
What a lucky shot. How sweet.
johnsinclair_4356 May 04, 2014
Nice Shot
rogerstelfox May 07, 2014
Great portrait, shows the relationship between the Cubs and that great cute factor.
FrankSomma May 11, 2014
Really?! Fab Linda!!
jefflaidlaw June 08, 2014
Great catch.... they look a little like old drinking buddies :)
rmr731 August 27, 2014
Adorable capture! Congrats on being a finalist!
mdriley00 August 27, 2014
Nice Capture.
lisagallant August 27, 2014
Real nice photo!
JDLifeshots August 30, 2014
Great shot! Congrats.
Sue_Marshall August 31, 2014
amazing ive been to masi mara wasnt so lucky supurb capture
pamelainob September 01, 2014
Beautiful Shot
Storycatcher September 02, 2014
So Peaceful,
Capture-Life September 14, 2014
Aawww OhMyGosh .. perfect!! :):) love love love !!
WestEndPhotography September 22, 2014
Congratulations on another well deserving award!!!
naturesart September 22, 2014
Congratulations! Where was it taken?
naturesart September 22, 2014
Sorry I have just seen it was in a Zoo!
ClaudiaKuhn September 22, 2014
Way to go Linda, big congrats on your fine winner! :)
p_eileenbaltz September 22, 2014
Congratulations on your win.:) It's wonderful.
vbpbeetschen1305821 September 22, 2014
AlanJakarta September 23, 2014
Fabulous portrait. Congratulations on being the Winner.
charlena September 23, 2014
What a great shot!
stevelofvendahl September 26, 2014
Well done!
AlanJakarta October 21, 2014
My previous comment refers. Congratulations on being Featured.
Remraf October 21, 2014
Great shot!
Bonnie_D October 21, 2014
awww this is adorable :-)
JayLawler October 21, 2014
Wonderful shot, congrats on your feature :)
joerush October 21, 2014
Wonderful, good exposure
catini October 21, 2014
Great family portrait, congrats on your feature!
HelenRea October 21, 2014
Too cute...nice capture! Congratulations on the Feature! :)))
Rusmwood October 21, 2014
Excellent Linda
Timbo October 21, 2014
An excellent shot... Well done
iceman2 October 21, 2014
Wonderful capture.Congrats!
maureenrueffer October 21, 2014
Vash01Photo October 21, 2014
Cute and adorable
sweetpea72 October 21, 2014
OH MY how cute..Congrats! ")
joecas October 21, 2014
Beautiful shot!Congrats!
RhondaMcD October 21, 2014
Oh be in the right place at the right time. Stunning capture. Congratulations.
LindaDLester October 21, 2014
Thank you all so much! This was amazing to see them do this right in front of me!
There are four cubs but one stayed in the dark behind them.
oldgal October 21, 2014
Delightful treat !!!
wayneaspley October 21, 2014
Great capture, love the color and contrast.
scottnmandy October 21, 2014
Awesome shot! Congrats on being featured.
LindaDLester October 21, 2014
Thank you all so much!
rexnet October 21, 2014
Stunning, great shot
smilersam October 21, 2014
As cute goes, it doesn't get any better than this.
Kazza60 October 21, 2014
congratulations on your award .. beautiful capture !!
jerzgrl51 October 21, 2014
What a magnificent capture!! Congratulations on your feature!
DebbieKMiller81 October 21, 2014
You should add this to my Large Cat Wild Kingdom project on here. I just love it.
DebbieKMiller81 October 21, 2014
Congrats on your awards for this one. There are so sweet in this picture.
darrellgillenwater October 21, 2014
Awesome capture
cordelia_s October 21, 2014
Wonderful. Congrats!
photosue50 October 21, 2014
fotogalmexican October 21, 2014
wheelerdealer October 21, 2014
They were posing for you! Beautiful cubs and gorgeous shot!
jessy October 22, 2014
Stunning Photograph!!
vojce October 22, 2014
beautiful cats
murpjo October 22, 2014
Wonderful shot!
LucyLoo October 22, 2014
So Beautiful
JenesesImagez October 23, 2014
Great Shot
ReneeBlake October 25, 2014
Beautiful portrait ! Congrats on all of the well deserved awards !
Bannekh October 25, 2014
Great shot
SnowbunnyPhotography October 26, 2014
Oh my goodness! How did you get them to pose for you like this?? ROFL!! Awesome shot! Such adorable faces. :-) Love the composition. Congrats on the award! You deserve it! :-)
GigiJim08 October 28, 2014
Congratulations on your FINALIST award!
JeffreyA October 28, 2014
That is so awesome good luck congrats
verity October 29, 2014
Purr fect
CherylG October 29, 2014
WOW!! Amazing capture & SO adorable!!
paultownley October 30, 2014
Awesome capture,purrrrrrrrrfect pose,well done for the award..........
dianegodin October 31, 2014
Very beautiful!
smshaffer October 31, 2014
Great capture
JamesBitrick October 31, 2014
Very nice. Congrats on being featured
tinekeziemer November 01, 2014
so cuddly!
Bonni November 03, 2014
Would love to know how long you had to actually wait to get this shot.
Ian_B November 04, 2014
too cute!!
Images_By_Leonie November 05, 2014
Georgeous capture! Beautiful!
parulparmar November 09, 2014
laurieknowlton November 12, 2014
great expression in their eyes!
MarieLianne68 November 14, 2014
Gorgeous..!! :)
DAPhotography November 15, 2014
Nice family portrait. Congrats!!
alanlarick November 25, 2014
Congrats on the multiple awards! Truly looks like a studio family portrait!
jrfleury November 26, 2014
Great models in this image. i see they followed your direction very well. Jerry
dianavarey November 26, 2014
love, love, LOVE!! it's like you were able to pose them for a portrait.
Laurelle December 08, 2014
Absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic framing
morriskleyman December 11, 2014
Great trio!!! Voted IOTY!!!!!
bugsysposy December 15, 2014
Sweet babies ; vigilant and fuzzy !
wc December 31, 2014
The harder you work the luckier you get! Well done!
gondmagdi December 31, 2014
stunning capture !
chrismcginn December 31, 2014
Stunning, I love this
wheelerdealer January 10, 2015
Absolutely precious, gorgeous shot!
CharmedPixelsPhotography January 17, 2015
This is an awesome Capture!
SarahKeates January 22, 2015
Wonderful shot!
BrianBasson February 08, 2015
No wonder you won finalist with this shot. Congrats.
Dunner March 06, 2015
Beautiful family portrait :)
morg March 16, 2015
Great shot!!
gunners42 March 21, 2015
excellent... congrats!
HannahHattPhotography March 29, 2015
Fantastic capture
Q-Vision March 31, 2015
Perfect capture. Lover the composition.
heathercarter_2679 April 13, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
AnnSagel April 17, 2015
Precious captures of these cubs
LindaDarlingHuman April 23, 2015
Lions are my absolute favorite. I Love this picture it is gorgeous.
GordonD April 26, 2015
Perfect shooting, congratulations :)
Mlove May 13, 2015
Great timing.Amazing shot.
sallyledrew May 20, 2015
so peaceful and loving.....outstanding!!
alidavanstaden May 29, 2015
Wow great shot
nina050 June 09, 2015
This is wonderful! Well-deserved awards!
stevelofvendahl June 30, 2015
Love it Love it Love it
stevenepotts July 05, 2015
This is such a good shot. I see cats sharing like this in all sizes of cats. This phototure though is just wonderful.
Tsvetphoto July 07, 2015
Timbo July 14, 2015
Just one word."OUTSTANDING..... Well done
yourlily July 26, 2015
Gorgeous....absolutely stunning shot.
AnitaHogue August 26, 2015
Congratulations on a beautiful capture, Linda!
JDLifeshots August 30, 2015
MariMargutti September 02, 2015
gbrookshaw September 08, 2015
Gorgeous family portrait!
AnitaHogue September 29, 2015
Congratulations on your beautiful image!
sarah-101 September 30, 2015
nandicmb September 30, 2015
Congratulations on your Runner Up win in Zootography Photo Contest!
nina050 October 02, 2015
One word fits - perfect. Congrats!
HeartandHomePhotography October 19, 2015
Well, let's just strike a pose for you!
shaahin November 16, 2015
Say Cheese....
AnitaHogue November 17, 2015
Congratulation on this beautiful portrait! I sure hope you have this one framed. They have won so many awards.
Cymrufach3231 November 21, 2015
lauralobdellcutrupijames September 13, 2016
Images_By_Leonie November 03, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Images_By_Leonie November 03, 2016
Absolutely perfect. Wonderful image!!!!
iluv2shoot July 09, 2017
Beautiful capture; gorgeous cubs!
avinashsrivastav August 02, 2017
Amazing wildlife shot

Lion Cubs

Shot at Zoo Atlanta

Shot at Zoo Atlanta
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Behind The Lens

Zoo Atlanta
Around 10:00 am
It was an experience hard to explain. The zoo has 4 cubs and three of them where in front of a small cave they have so that is what made the back ground dark. I was just watching thru the lens as they sat there and posed. It was like they knew what they were doing. Just went to Africa and nothing like this happened! :)
Canon 5D III and 200-400 Lens with tripod and cable release.
They always do! I can't get there enough to see them and the love for animals I have!
The background was dark and had noise so I used software to smooth out the back ground. Had to help bring a little detail out in a couple of eyes. Nothing major!
In my camera bag
17- 40, 24- 105, 70-200 Canon Lenses. The 200-400 is in its own bag!
Be patient! Just watch and see what happens sometimes and you will get an awesome capture. This one just unfolded right in front of me. I was in awe when it happened! Couldn't wait to get home and check it out.

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