Nebel III (color version)

color version of the original Nebel III

color version of the original Nebel III
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Runner Up in ViewBug Image of the Year Photo Contest
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Superior Skill
InkedPhotography brummieboy TAburto IngridD trinagibson llyssfrye ricdone +9
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Jonny_Saunders CharShutter Beaumar tadulia MaryMarie photos_t Dunner +4
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Jaw Dropping
Minglement Rl1956
Exceptional Contrast

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galeryann April 22, 2014
This is an amazing picture! Congratulations
HappyMelvin April 22, 2014
Thank you very much!
Rl1956 April 30, 2014
tremendous shot
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 June 27, 2014
Also beautiful, with an other-worldly feel. Great colors.
patriciarustin PRO
patriciarustin January 07, 2015
This image quiets my mind every time I look at it
RhondaMcD January 07, 2015
Congratulations on your award. Beautiful photo.
cclaude PRO
cclaude January 07, 2015
Congratulations! A beautiful composition, simple and quite effective.
janland PRO+
janland January 07, 2015
Beautiful capture! Congrats!
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom January 08, 2015
Congratulations! very happy for you.
HappyMelvin January 08, 2015
Thank you so much everyone!!!
debhall PRO+
debhall January 08, 2015
Congrats on being runner up.....amazing photo!
HaliSowle January 08, 2015
Just beautiful!! Congratulations
danielmartin January 08, 2015
Congratulations!!! Very well captured!!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta January 08, 2015
Lovely shot. Congratulations on being a Runner-up.
CWphotos5 February 13, 2015
Absolutely LOVE the effect of the long exposure here!!!
Redcow March 07, 2015
Beautiful, beautiful image!
michellelaw July 23, 2015
katehope March 28, 2016
Simply superb!!
appysnappy September 04, 2016
Think I prefer the colour version, very nice!

Behind The Lens

As I live a bit outside the big cities, I get to see some lovely views of our nature every day. And down by the water, which I have to pass every day to get to work. It's hard not to stop and grab your camera. Especially when the fog is really dense in the mornings.
Really really early in the morning, when driving to the city for work. I pass all these long piers on my way.
Lighting didn't need much thought, as the fog was really dense this early morning. Been waiting for a while for se really dense fog, and this morning I was in luck. Sun is just passing the horizon to the left.
Camera used is my canon eos 6d, and the lens was a tamron 24-70, a very sharp lens I must add. Also I had to use a 1000x nd-filter to smooth things out, and of course a sturdy tripod.
Waiting and waiting for the fog to be really dense, because I already knew what kind of shot I wanted. One early morning when driving to work it finally was time, really really dense fog. Had my camera bag with for a long time, so I just hopped out of my car and head down to the water.
Regular processing on the photo it self, and fine tuning the sharp horizon line.
In my camera bag
At the time I had with me my camera bag with, canon eos 6d, tamron 24-70, sigma 12-24, sigma 70 macro, sigma 70-200, sigma 35 art. One flash, remotes, grey card, teleconverter. And of course random batteries.
The thing that really put a smile on my face have been all the testing with the 1000x nd-filter. It can really produce some interesting captures. So much fun!

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