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21 Comments | Report
sofinardi April 21, 2014
magnifique... quelle belle complicité !!!
NikiNikita May 12, 2014
Beautiful capture of this moment!
Vince542 Premium
Vince542 May 12, 2014
Very Lovely capture!!!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer July 25, 2014
so sweet - I envy Patricia - fantastic capture
Chrism July 31, 2014
Now that's a hug!! Beautiful capture!
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 August 05, 2014
what a priceless capture ")
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman August 07, 2014
Stunning capture!!
morg PRO
morg August 12, 2014
Great shot!!
originalgum August 20, 2014
This is a fantastic shot! Love it!
Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik September 20, 2014
magnifica foto
Sheri_Stanley PRO+
Sheri_Stanley October 09, 2014
How amazing! Fantastic photo!
garryfitzpatrick October 09, 2014
To capture this moment, and realise how beautiful a moment you have just captured, can only leave the photographer with a magical smile, and a feeling of euphoria that will last forever. Beautifully done.
PaulMasterton October 17, 2014
Absolutely beautiful capture. :) The picture tells a fantastic story and captures such feeling. Well done. I simply love how the elephant looks like it is smiling and has his trunk holding on in the hug as well.
Pjerry PRO
Pjerry October 17, 2014
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 October 28, 2014
Too cute. This little elephant looks like he is in seventh heaven.
regnaphoto November 02, 2014
I would so love to be so close to such a magnifIcent creature, one day, one day...
e_pedroche November 21, 2014
Wow, amazing!
muscularchristian PRO+
muscularchristian December 17, 2014
This is wonderful well done captured the emotion tells a great story
MrBUBU January 02, 2015
Where is my elephant.!
Where is my elephant!
Where is my elephant!
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb January 23, 2015
amazing shot
jasongreen March 17, 2015
Its the kind of Photo that just makes you go Ahhhh, its a great shot, thanks for sharing it :)

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Behind The Lens

At elephant camp, Koh Samui, Thailand
Sunny day
Canon 60D and canon 70-200mm
I met Patricia 2 years ago on Koh Samui, Thailand where we live. During a walk we met elephants and I realized that she was really afraid by these animals. Some times later, I fall on the I Heart Animals photo contest of Viewbug on Internet. It was the first time I hear about Viewbug. Its at this moment I had the idea to use the pretext of this photo contest to take her as model and force her to approach this superb animal. I'm a beginner amateur photograph and this photo contest will be a great challenge for her and for me. 20 minutes were enough for this young elephant to seduce my friend and make her lose all her fears. The 3 photos published in my album were edited with Lightroom with minor changes and Nik. On the other hand, I had to crop because the elephant wore chains on the neck and I did not want to see it on the image. Since this happened, I'm more and more enthusiast in photography. I hope now to make progress and soon become a real amateur photographer. Thank you Viewbug. (My English is not so good....)
edited with Lightroom with minor changes and Nik soft for noise and contrast. I'm novice is those tool and really need to improve my knowledge.
In my camera bag
Canon 60D, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 60mm Macro, Canon 70-200mm
I first used my new 70-200mm because I wanted to stay away from my friend. I wanted she do the approach alone. This lens is very heavy for me. A tripod is definitively the first thing I'll invest. If we know beforehand what we are going to photograph, we can get ready has the advance. What I did not make. I made my photos as a tourist. I understood now that it is necessary to get ready before.

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