I saved this little guy from a spiders web.. he hung around for a couple minutes before flying happily away. I love the cheeky look on his face....
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I saved this little guy from a spiders web.. he hung around for a couple minutes before flying happily away. I love the cheeky look on his face.
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gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi April 18, 2014
great macro !
kasper PRO
kasper May 14, 2014
Congrats. It is a great shot and a nice story.
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta May 14, 2014
Great macro. Congratulations.
catini May 14, 2014
Congrats on your feature!
Timbo May 14, 2014
Just brilliant...
Very nice shot!
iceman2 May 14, 2014
Beautiful macro.Congrats!
WileKyK PRO+
WileKyK May 14, 2014
Awesome capture! Congratulations on your Feature!
FrankSomma PRO+
FrankSomma May 14, 2014
I'd be smilin too! He looks like he's hugging your finger in appreciation. I love happy endings.....congrats Connie you captured a capture.
Capture-Life May 14, 2014
Aawww sheeesh Connie !! you rocked this capture !! LOOOVE it :):)
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 May 14, 2014
what a cutie..Congrats! :)
symesie04 May 14, 2014
akhtarkhan May 14, 2014
very nice cheeky little dragonfly, nice close up.......amazing capture. Congrats on the feature.
LionesLens May 14, 2014
aayushmathur May 15, 2014
Brilliant shot.. Congrats
Behind-the-Fire-Scene PRO+
Behind-the-Fire-Scene May 16, 2014
Fab :-)
Sartur PRO
Sartur May 18, 2014
he is cute...what is it?
JustConnieB May 18, 2014
it is a dragonfly :)
Gragorgix May 21, 2014
cmorisset PRO
cmorisset May 23, 2014
Wow! Surreal, love it ( : Bravo!
SmileyF June 03, 2014
Amazing shot
Anita_1962 June 12, 2014
This is such an awesome shot!! He's SMILING at you!!!!
kristofkorwisi Premium
kristofkorwisi June 12, 2014
Brilliant shot indeed!
onyanita Premium
onyanita June 29, 2014
glad you saved him...and I like spiders too!
Debbie_Carmichael PRO+
Debbie_Carmichael August 08, 2014
How cute is this! Lovely macro, I love it
DuttonPhotography August 30, 2014
cute little Damselfly :)
caroly December 27, 2014
This is great!
GRACECAPRI January 10, 2015
Stunning capture. Keep up the great work!
michellebaragonaprince January 31, 2015
wow, cool, what lens?
AmyBurns February 15, 2015
Awesome - cute insect!
slawakladocznagryta PRO
slawakladocznagryta March 08, 2015
roblawrence PRO+
roblawrence August 11, 2015
Great photo
karensommerslohre PRO+
karensommerslohre August 11, 2015
Nice capture!

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Behind The Lens

There is a small man made lake not too far from us.. the lake is stocked with fish and kids can go there and learn to fish. The area around the lake is naturalized and quite nice with lots of activity with bugs and creatures.
This picture was taken in the afternoon to maximize lighting.
With macro photography, lighting is one of the biggest challenges. Keeping that in mind you need to make light work for you... time of day, angle, reflectors. I was lucky with this picture, as the little guy was on my finger I was able to move to maximize the lighting I wanted.
Pentax K10D, Macro lens.. and while not equipment, I stabilized my hand on a solid object.. a fence post.
I love macro. I love bugs.. Most of them have some pretty interesting and even beautiful features when seen up close. This photo was really a fluke. This little guy was stuck in an old spiders web. I pulled him out and removed the pieces of web on him and he hung around for a couple minutes... probably catching his breath! The cheeky look on his face just begged to be photographed.
The only post processing I did with this picture was a slight sharpen and a crop.
In my camera bag
I always have my macro lens, a wide angle and also a 70-300 MM. I also carry an old camera, a Fuji finepix. It has amazing macro capabilities. On super macro setting, the lens can be touching the target and it will still focus.
The two biggest obstacles with macro photography, I find.. is lighting and movement. Usually you want to use a tripod for macro, but if that is not possible you will need to anchor yourself. Taking a deep breath and clicking as you exhale can also help with camera movement. Bugs don't usually wait long for you to get the picture just right. So make the most of what is around you.. Dragonflies and other bugs near water tend to be most active when it is warm. So if you are wanting to get active fly shots that is the best time to aim for... a bit earlier in the day, or later in the afternoon and you may find them clinging to a stem. Keep in mind where you light is and make it work for you.

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