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Tina Marie Photography
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Contest Finalist in Got Lookability Headshot Photo Contest
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kristofkorwisi Premium
kristofkorwisi June 03, 2014
Strong portrait. Made me think of Dorian Gray :-)
thuber June 04, 2014
tinamarie_7110 PRO
tinamarie_7110 June 04, 2014
Thanks you all :)
derekdobbie June 05, 2014
Exceptional image and so moody. Human study and so suited to b/w at its best. Well done.
tinamarie_7110 PRO
tinamarie_7110 June 06, 2014
Thank You All So Much :)
tinamarie_7110 PRO
tinamarie_7110 June 06, 2014
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JDLifeshots June 06, 2014
Great capture and model! Congrats.
diporzio June 09, 2014
great shot
handsome model
herman-anwar June 09, 2014
excellent shot...
dominiquemartin November 23, 2014
très beau portrait
manueladurson PRO+
manueladurson March 17, 2015
great portrait!
BillTsoiPhotography March 18, 2015
What a stunning shot.
CWphotos5 May 08, 2015
Perfection! Congratulations!

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken on 6th Ave outside downtown Anchorage , Alaska
This photo was taking around 12:30pm Mid March
The lighting seemed perfect that day, I used nothing but natural lighting
Camera Nikon D600, 50mm 1.4
My path has taken me to a place where I get to meet a lot of models and photographers, so a while back ago Michael contacted me to help with his portfolio. he was just getting himself out there and was I, so i got the opportunity to shoot with him and we we just walk around and took pics and had so much fun
Yes, I edit in photoshop, I did minor adjustments to the levels, color and sharpness, and lighten the eyes a bit
In my camera bag
Nikon 3ds, Nikon 7000, I carry my 50 mm 1.4 , and my 200mm I also carry my flash Nikon sb910
1. Make sure your subject is not smiling otherwise it looks more candid 2. Move in closer when taking portraits 3. make sure the environment that youre in I right for the person 4. Always make people feel like it’s their photo, not yours. There’s nothing worse than a pushy photographer

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