EPV0088 mom & baby deer copycropped copy

young deerin woods

young deerin woods
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nancy-louateah February 24, 2014
The light is amazing in this photo......composition and subject matter.....perfect! Love it, Robert!
hwishnick PRO+
hwishnick March 13, 2014
Absolutely stunning.
vbrbrickey383255561 June 12, 2017
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Behind The Lens

Lake Winnipeg area near PINE FALLS MANITOBA, CA.
It was arround 10: am
fairly shadey
I was using a canon 5d mark ii with a 200.mm. lens at 200 of a second@ f2.8 ISO 400.
I went looking for deer in the morning, and came upon a mother & 3 baby deer. I followed them for about an hour to get the 2young ones together. i was alone at the time.
I do post process my images in Photoshop cs4.using levels & some saturation. I use some sharpening.
In my camera bag
I carry a carbon fiber Giotto, extra cf cards,a back up camera canon 50D, a 24 -105mm ,a 17- 40mm for landscapes, all canon lenses.
Know your camera, practice with it till you can almost work it without looking at the dials.Your lenses don't have to be the most expensive. A telephoto , wide angle. get out and practice . Most of all watch your Histogram, keep it slightly in the right hand area of the histogram.

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