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model Simona Murè

model Simona Murè
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Joseph1 Platinum
Joseph1 Jan 11
this photo make you relax and has a calming effect
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Behind The Lens


The tranquility of the evening envelops a young woman sitting on a solitary bench by the lake. Without the direct sunlight, the sky gently transitions from blue to purple, creating an atmosphere of melancholic serenity. The woman's hands are gracefully placed on the backrest of the bench, while her gaze fixed on the water reflects deep contemplation. The lake's surface is calm, without the direct reflection of light, creating an ethereal and reflective image. The woman seems lost in her thoughts, her delicate profile outlined by the last glow of the day. In this moment of solitude, the bench becomes a quiet refuge for her introspection, creating a suggestive scene of calm and mystery at twilight.


It was a late summer afternoon, with a pleasant temperature.


The light, as in all my photos, was natural ambient light.


I used my Nikon D810, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens, and my hands.


The inspiration came spontaneously. We were shooting with the model near the lake, exploring different spots. As we moved around, we came across this bench seemingly placed there without a clear purpose, perhaps relocated from elsewhere. However, its beauty was undeniable. The location carried a hint of magic, and a moment later, the shot was captured.


For this shot, there wasn't a need for extensive post-production, just some minor adjustments to the light and shadow curves.

In my camera bag

Camera, a 50mm lens, a 70-300mm lens, a couple of spare batteries, and an extra SD card.


The pursuit of inspiration should not be dictated by expectations but by a sincere belief that "seize the moment" is not just a cliché phrase, but a life purpose. If you aim to be a photographer who creates photography, not just mere pictures, it becomes a conviction that guides your artistic journey.

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