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Objects in the mirror may be crazier than they appear

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Behind The Lens


I took this photo sitting in my car. I was parked facing the wrong way because I was about to leave to pick up a friend for a photoshoot but he was taking entirely too long and I was worried I’d miss the light of the sun that was already setting. Adapt and overcome was the name of the game!


I believe it would have been around 3 or 4pm in this picture. It was taken in December so the sun was setting early and setting fast, I really wanted golden hour pictures but as fate would have it this day, this picture and one other were the only ones to make it off of my SD card :P


With this particular picture I really wanted the contrast of the golden light of the sun to stand out against the shadows on my face. I also was aiming to have the sun, for all intents and purposes, directly shining on my eye but with my eye turned toward the camera to really showcase the depth of the brown and warmth of the orangey undertones. While it’s hard to tell from the picture itself, it was freezing that day so I also wanted the conceptual contrast.


This was shot with my Canon Rebel T7/EOS 2000D with an 18mm-55mm lens.


Quite honestly I had been wanting to take golden hour pictures for a while, but when I was doing my photography it was either too cloudy when the sun would be setting or.. honestly… I’d sleep right through it. While I was waiting for my friend watching my opportunity dip further and further behind the mountains, I figured why not try to take some in my rear view, for fun! I put on my somber face, you know, not happy but not sad, mildly concerned maybe… I was sitting up on my legs in my drivers seat with the mirror pulled down and my camera if you can tell was at an angle all to ensure the sun was the right amount in my face but also there was enough contrast to keep it interesting. Again the conceptual contrast of how warm it can look when you’re in the sun but in reality it’s absolutely freezing was somewhat of a factor as well.


Oh yes, I work in Lightroom for all of my pictures. It’s been long enough, quite honestly, that I don’t remember exactly what I did with it. I know I for sure bumped up the contrast and lowered exposure, as well as setting temps a little warmer than the raw image originally was.

In my camera bag

I have my Canon T7, my 18mm-55mm lens, my 75mm-300mm lens, a few lens wipes, I also have a tripod that has its own bag to carry. I keep an extra battery on me, as well as my battery charger, and I have a few style lens attachments, like a fish eye and a macro.


If you see yourself in a mirror and think you look good, capture it.

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