Pink Fruit ????

Part of a photography project for university

Part of a photography project for university
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo as part of a university project about colour psychology. In my artistic practice I love to be informed and inspired by psychology and philosophy!
It was probably about midday, I used the university studios so had to photograph within certain hours. Although I spray painted the fruit in the early hours of a summer morning in the hopes of keeping it dry.
I wanted the lighting to be even, so used two lights in front of the fruit. However I liked experimenting with shadows and symmetry thus the final product.
I used a Sigma lens (I'm sorry not sure on the focal length now!), with a full-frame Canon 5D Mk IV (my favourite camera). I didn't use a tripod as I wanted to be flexible with framing the shot. Then had studio lights on a master/slave setting.
The project was called "food for thought" and investigated whether different coloured foods/backgrounds affected appetites. During my research I found a prison in Europe that painted cells pink as in colour psychology it's meant to be calming.
I adjusted the colour slightly on Photoshop. I'm a bit of a purist sometimes so didn't want to put a lot of work into post production.
In my camera bag
I usually have my reliable 50mm prime lens, which I use a lot in my portrait work. Although I really like taking quick snaps with my Oppo phone on pro mode. Like I say, my Canon camera is my comfort blanket, I love using it and trying out new things!
I'd say definitely be patient with the spray paint and remember to wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area (preferably outside). Research what makes you tick, and get inspiration from artists around you. Don't be afraid to get the aperture and shutter speed wrong, experiment! I looked through the available coloured backdrops and tried to get a paint as close to the backdrop as possible. Oh, and please shoot RAW where you can.

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