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I have an unexpected guest and we're going to take some photos

I have an unexpected guest and we're going to take some photos
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josiasepokair Jan 26
jensgaethje Jan 27
Feels very real and spontaneous ...
MRueffer PRO+
MRueffer Jan 27
Congratulations on your win!
LKoz Jan 27
Congratulations! 🎉
Congrats! it's a really great capture. Love the framing, the subject conveing emotions and your color grading work :)
Armoured-Wolf Platinum
Armoured-Wolf Jan 29
Love how this photo is somehow so pleasing to the eye and feels laid back but at the same time intence emotionally 😊
Congratulations , this has got to carry some real weight and absolutely legit credibility that you have amazing talent . I just wanted to express my awe and now feeling intimidated by your greatness 😍
porcupine_bush PRO+
Thank you everybody. I don't want feel spoiled, but I do 😜😘😘
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Behind The Lens

In my rented room in Warsaw.
In the morning of New Year's day(so it's technically from 2023...), after coming back from the airport, we were both exhausted and Matilda just layed down on a bed and I took the photo.
The light is natural - I live in an old tenement with high ceilings and large windows and it was a clear sky winter day, so it was perfect conditions.
I used my old contax with 35mm lens F/2.8, shot on 160 ISO portra film, it was the end of the roll, so I had it developed the next day.
Well, the inspiration was Matilda's visit. We were a couple once and our relationship helped me a lot and actually inspired me to take up photography again and even create a viewbug account (her idea! isn't it funny when things in life go full circle? :)). But as it happens, we parted ways on good terms, contacted each other occasionally and moved on. This time was different, I was alone through christmas time, my flatmates and friends were away, busy (it happens when you turn 30 and stop partying;). My mood was bad, I was feeling blue with nobody to talk to. Matilda came to Poland as a good friend to cheer me up and make sure I was ok. I'm so grateful !
Nope, nothing at all. I like how Matilda's arms frame the photo, so it looks like it's somehow vignetted, but it's not.
In my camera bag
Lately, it's been Canon EOS 6D mark II with an EF 24-105mm lens, but the battery life isn't the best. So it is always a good idea to pack one of my analog treasures, usually with a wide angle or normal lens.
I don't know! 'Be in the moment' - sounds stupid, but it's partially true. Think about what parts of a model face or body can be emphasized the most. And you know, a portrait isn't just about the face, it can be arms in the background and most of all model's expression.

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