florinabelu-alexandru October 29, 2016
Beautiful image!Congratulations!Please,tell me what lenses do you use for this kind of photography,200 mm lenses?Thank you.
natalyapryadko January 18, 2017
Thanks! Tamron 70-300
augustusaugustya October 30, 2016
Perfect. Good composition with great lighting.
rogerbaligod November 16, 2016
Superb shot and good composition..
manishraj_9941 November 16, 2016
Amazing shot !!!
waynecook November 16, 2016
Beautiful work! Welcome to VB!
sweetpea72 November 17, 2016
Love love love this!! シ
tisharowley November 17, 2016
Beautiful image!! Welcome to viewbug!!
BrunoHeeb November 21, 2016
all-time favorite ,amazing shot
StickManCameraMan November 26, 2016
I love this picture!
Clear character shown, and I think the background works very well.
Rafail_Chrys November 26, 2016
Very beautiful!
JackSciclunaPhotography November 29, 2016
Great image, very warming and loving. I also really like the back light on her hair.
cristinacovas January 06, 2017
DebbieKMiller81 January 06, 2017
A girl and her best friend.
ktvh1980 January 06, 2017
Amazing! Such a celebration of true inosense. What powerful lighting captured!
Gabriele69 January 07, 2017
love times10
JyoScapes January 25, 2017
Such an adorable capture. :)
bonniestreets_4963 January 28, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
bonniestreets_4963 January 28, 2017
I really get a kick out this picture. This little girl had a friend to have fun with. That won't turn against her and call her unkind names.
ArberElezi March 30, 2017
Absolutely Love it :D
natalyapryadko March 30, 2017
Thank you!
mmkibbe April 05, 2017
Pure Joy!
PeterTaylor-PHOTOGENIX August 11, 2017
Love the softness of the shot, nothing like an autumn day in the park!
mazenmikati September 27, 2017
Superb, full of joy and emotions.
adavies September 29, 2017
So cute! Really well done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my People Enjoying the Leaves of Fall challenge:)
Vasu_Madhu Mar 24
Cute :)

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