matthewgraf December 24, 2017
Beautiful shot! My grandfather ran steam trains during the first 10 years of a 30 year career as an engineer for Southern Pacific.
HillaryNicholeSaunders December 28, 2017
Thank you, I was lucky to get it. My camera was being cranky that day.
bowman01 Jan 06
Nice photo of the Pere Marquette.
Thank you!
jimdavis_8840 Jan 10
Great shot, ya just can’t beat a shot of a steam locomotive blowing smoke.
falldiscovery Jan 21
May I use this photo for an account I run?
Jillybean56 Feb 04
Congrats on being a finalist. Mine is the other shot of the train, taken on its last run of the season. I like your location for your shot. I was at the Carland Mill along with a slew of others. Were you alone?
marzenego Feb 10
Just amazing work. Congratulations

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Dec, 2017

The Pere Marquette aka The Polar Express

This is the steam train that was used in the movie, "The Polar Express". Fortunately, it runs within an hour of my home.

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