Meet the Master Judge Thomas Quan: "My name is Tom. I'm a Photographer, Videographer and Digital Creative from Melbourne, Australia with an unquenchable thirst for travel and a passion for telling engaging visual stories. I’m inspired by and pursue all types of photography and pride myself on being a multidisciplinary creative. I have a relatively minimalistic style, with a strong focus on my subjects, shapes, and a devotion to naturalism."

Thank you to all who shared their favorite minimalistic shots in this photography competition with chances to win a Moment Anamorphic lens and more. Minimalism is a form of art in which empty spaces create an emotional response. Flat colors and simple lines reflect the simplicity that minimalists believe should be present in life, while also being aesthetically pleasing for viewers who enjoy this style.

Grand Jury Winner

"A well-balanced and wonderfully symmetrical composition. There is something a little off about the scale and shadows (I suspect this piece is composited) but I think that actually helps this photo and gives it a slightly hyper-real quality." - Thomas Quan

Congratulations Runner Up " " by BrunoHeeb

"Evokes a beautiful sense of optimism as the baby turtle moves from the dark sand towards the bright distance with soft clouds from above being reflected. Capturing the animal mid-stride creates a wonderful visceral response." - Thomas Quan

Runner Up

"A filthy habit yet somehow the artist has managed to create a rather pretty image from it. I love the grade and color work. He/she has successfully managed to capture something relatively mundane and presented it in a visually unique and interesting way." - Thomas Quan

People's Choice