traceprinslooreppin May 28, 2014
...superb, extra special in B&W :-)
robsmed December 29, 2014
love it! that's my winner right there...
thomaszakowski January 06, 2015
awesome capture, congrats
AlanJakarta January 06, 2015
Beautiful mono time exposure. Congratulations on being the Winner.
michaelcorcoran January 07, 2015
A deserved winner! Well done.
davidbidmead January 09, 2015
Congratulations ! Spectacular ! Peaceful , calm and serene.
gregsimmons April 20, 2015
Love this one, two photos on one. A portrait of the tree alone! Or a total landscape. Very soft tones

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May, 2014

B R E A T H E . . .

I have seen hundreds of images of this famous tree in colored and black and white so i just tried out a different approach using a high key look this time to give this image a little mood and sense of quietness and coldness. Shot early in the morning at Lake Wanaka with mists over the lake while the birds are still sitting quietly on it's leafless willow tree. One of my favorite shots to date.

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Won Naneu BagsJanuary, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Serenity Photo ContestDecember, 2014


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