Captured-by-Carol June 19, 2017
Amazing capture - love it!
Paulacook144 June 19, 2017
Lovely light in this image. Well seen and handled.
Desbiens84 June 19, 2017
Love photos of the night sky, did a wonderful job in capturing it.

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Jun, 2016

Searching for Something Else

According to one interpretation Porto Badisco was the first landing of Aeneas, described in Virgil's Aeneid: the hero would make a stopover here on his trip to Italy after fleeing from Troy.
In Porto Badisco there is also the "Grotta dei Cervi", a cave which contains important drawings made with bat guano dating to the Neolithic period and is characterized by numerous ravines and coves of exceptional beauty. In Direction Santa Caesarea-Castro-Leuca, furthermore, there is the so-called "Grotta delle Striare", that is, the witches' cave, characteristic for entry crossed diagonally by a tongue of rock.
Since October 2006, part of the territory of Otranto is part of the Leuca Otranto-Santa Maria Coast Park and Tricase Forest, established by the Region of Puglia in order to safeguard the east coast of Salento, rich in precious architectural monuments and important species animals and plants.

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