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reeds pointing skywards against a patterned sky at sunrise

reeds pointing skywards against a patterned sky at sunrise
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Contest Finalist in Natural Clusters Photo Contest
Peer Award
Superb Composition
MichaelMorse eric_bertoldo tricky_b huff453 paulcorpus robjury KatjaMH +81
Absolute Masterpiece
bsube ramshaimtiaz ricrog brianhenson wendyroske_9600 AlexDohn Rafail_Chrys +39
Top Choice
laurajonesfranscoviak lednuke joestanley JTello jguy helenh thetradewindsgallery +34
Outstanding Creativity
FGHeron kbryan-photo jacqann stevetrembly Shajib Ha7an NaturesBounty +18
All Star
nadezhdagribanova_0336 justinkeller embas RichCPhotography ReneeBlake kimnikon5500 Albert-Serra-Photography +6
Magnificent Capture
thesimoncollins llowzz thricegrate Lanky44Lanky442 Rangerness-PV FrancoisHorne copkid14 +1
Superior Skill
toshihiro_shoji sjphotocomau ChrisLillie Rlkly richardjackson conniehumphreys im2insaine
braddmc Gooseberry mikelea MurrayCreations

Top ClassTM

Natural Clusters Photo ContestTop 10 class
Natural Clusters Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1


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NanaSue54 PRO+
NanaSue54 August 20, 2015
WOW!!!!! :)
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon August 22, 2015
Beautiful colours!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka August 26, 2015
Excellent blend of technique and artistry
onyanita PRO+
onyanita July 07, 2016
brilliant....not surprised to see it got Contest Finalist. Big congrats Adrian
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 April 05, 2017
Fantastic, congratulations on your award!
tricky_b June 17, 2017
Stunningly beautiful!
AnnabelWoods567 December 10, 2017
Wow! This is beautiful
lednuke PRO
lednuke April 18, 2018
Incredible shot! The colors are amazing. Nice work!
charmaineyoung_0705 January 05, 2019
stunng colour and texture
imagesbyPattiC PRO
I love this Adrian, and so happy you wrote such details about everything. Read every word. Are you still using that camera/lens combo? You’re lucky you can see the weather to make your plans. ;-)