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Light It Up Photo Contest
David Olkarny
David was born December 17, 1987 in Uccle. On the benches of the school, one ear he listened to the teacher and with one hand he adorned the white sheets of drawings of imaginary characters. At 10, the love of travel led him to want to become a designer ... Then at age 13, is in the restoration imagined that express creativity.
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This is the Australian continent where David went to 18-year-old revealed his true passion: cinema. An art that allowed him to move his emotions on a canvas, to understand the space and color and staging his original vision of the world. Degree in cinematography in Inraci in June 2011, David practiced photography for two years intensively and sometimes obsessive.
He particularly likes outdoor portraits. In the studio, the stage is too static for him. Outside, everything is possible and everything is random: the capricious weather, an unexpected figure in the background, the magic of a place discovered by chance.
The adventure film transposed in the photo.

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