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Oct, 2016

That Wanaka Tree

I was on a photo adventure holiday with a mate of mine in New Zealand. We only had eight days to get around the south island, so our time was scarce. We made some sketchy plans to be at certain spots but ended up basically following the weather, or trying to out-drive it!
So, we figured out where this tree was at about 11pm during strong winds and forecast rain. Hmm, not looking too promising for sunrise then.. Our campervan was buffetted by gale force winds during the night and it sounded like it was raining on and off. When my alarm went off I got ready and tried to talk my mate into getting out of bed, but he refused. Undaunted, I pressed on.
I wasn't really trying to be uber creative with this very popular tree, just trying to get 'a' shot that would work. I decided to use my 10 stop ND filter to smooth out the water, since everything else I had taken looked awful. It was really hard to get the camera to stay still for the long exposure and as a consequence, this was the only sharp image I got! I'm glad I did get one, and that I got out of bed and tried.

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