stephenbraunginn August 06, 2016
Your thoughtfulness, you're careful attention to the environmental detail is inspiring. I think I learned a lot from just reading this post. And I learned more from your photos.
PaulGJohnson November 24, 2016
Loved your piece on view bug. Your equipment and also mindset are very similar to my own , so much so i could have been reading about myself. Your photos are stunning. Keep up the good work !
This is what makes Photography. You made this photo communicate and it communicates impressively. This is a picture of wisdom and I am impressed. Keep it up mate!
myriamverne-soury May 12, 2017
Absolute masterpiece, bravo !
MikeBoyle May 12, 2017
Congratulations on your winning photo. Nice...Very Nice
MKPhotographysa May 13, 2017
Congratulations this is great.
IvanMuraenko May 15, 2017
Fantastic capture!
jackhall_9918 November 12, 2017
A well deserved win. And proof that "Fortune favors those who prepare" I love the way you wait and watch and observe, and when the moment is right, you act. BTW- If you did not intend to have the leading lines in the photo, I am CERTAIN that you noticed them subconsciously .

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Jul, 2016


Torres del Paine, Chile. March 2016.
Spaces in time photo series.
A cold morning in lago Pehoe, aiming at the cuernos to see and amazing sunrise that never took place. The famous pink hues from the early lights hitting the cuernos didn't appear that day. We were somehow frustrated... Most of the photographers i took there packed their equipment and returned to the hotel to rest. Some others stayed shooting some different frames.
I decided not to shoot a single frame and just enjoy the place. Cloudy sunrises are interesting endeed, the increase in light is slower when the sky is almost full of clouds. Light is so soft, probably too soft for most shots.
While i was enjoying the landscape, a girl stood still and i realized the clouds were moving really really fast, and decided to capture that.

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Won Contest Finalist in Strong Foregrounds Photo ContestJanuary, 2018
Won Black rapid May, 2017

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