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Family portrait

This was done with a sound trigger and a pocket wizard flex tt5 with hyper sync allowing a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. I set it to trigger my camera 15...
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This was done with a sound trigger and a pocket wizard flex tt5 with hyper sync allowing a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. I set it to trigger my camera 150th of a second after the water balloon popped. THE ONLY PHOTOSHOP was putting all of them together and a few face swaps due to closed eyes. Created for Aaron's Leak Detection in Orlando Fl
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Liese December 17, 2013
So creative! WOW!!!!! Thanks for sharing how you captured it too!
LeeBennett January 02, 2014
Very creative, congratulations on your feature!
Stanley_Photog January 02, 2014
Excellent job in capturing your subjects! My only suggestion would be to fix the hotspots running along the left side of the lady's upper torso as the lighting appears unnatural as the man should be blocking light reaching that portion of her body whereas her face works well.
flyingelkphotography January 02, 2014
I really like how the whole family looks so elegant and formal, which makes the water splash so much more hilarious.
shesh January 03, 2014
Awesome creativity.
Celtic January 03, 2014
great :-D congrats!
HRImages Platinum
HRImages January 03, 2014
Amazing capture and very creative!!
symesie04 January 03, 2014
What genius, what fun.
Coomanator January 03, 2014
Simply awesome capture. The manipulation was perfectly executed as well. Congratulations on the "Feature". I have added it to my favorites as well.
Timbo January 03, 2014
Simply outstanding...... Voted
nickflanagan January 03, 2014
Brilliant! Love it!
LindaDLester January 03, 2014
This is really cool! Great work on everything! Congrats on the feature!
SteveFlint January 03, 2014
wonderwoman627 January 03, 2014
Very cool! Very creative, who would have ever thought to do that! Well I guess you did! great work!
feistyvolk January 03, 2014
This is FANTASTIC! You need to enter this in some of the contests here - I am sure there are a few that you would be a HUGE contender for!
WileKyK Platinum
WileKyK January 03, 2014
Awesome stop-action and use of light! Congratulations on your Feature!
phillile January 03, 2014
This is amazing!!! :)
JayLawler January 03, 2014
Best family portrait i've ever seen :)
debhall PRO+
debhall January 03, 2014
Love, love, love this! So original and fun! Congrats on your feature...well deserved!
iceman2 January 03, 2014
Very creative.Congrats!
Monty January 03, 2014
Fantastic shot. Well executed.
beamieyoung Platinum
beamieyoung January 03, 2014
Very cool!
jvillainc Platinum
jvillainc January 03, 2014
I admire your talent!
brentmorris January 03, 2014
Outstanding on the creativity scale
Diego_Gracia_Photography January 03, 2014
Unbelievable how cool and relaxed your models look, considering that 2-3 liters of water are being thrown against their heads. In particular the kids. And interesting how soft water looks at a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. I would have expected it to look a lot harder and sharper. Good one, though.
bluespanishsteel02 January 03, 2014
... this is one of the best family portraits I have ever seen........lol. awesome!!!!
jessicasuarez January 03, 2014
I cant stop looking at all of your photos! they r are so amazing! You sir are an Inspiration to me :)
spectaclephoto Ultimate
spectaclephoto January 03, 2014
Thank you so much!
Akang_Bagja January 03, 2014
inspire.. pretty sure!
Pixie1023 Ultimate
Pixie1023 January 03, 2014
Really talented work.
bboughter830 January 03, 2014
I like how the kids water looks like hats on their heads. Cool shot.
rturnbow Platinum
rturnbow January 03, 2014
Very nice work, congrats!
wwinter86 January 03, 2014
lol very creative
Woombaway January 03, 2014
Congrats on feature very creative
SusiStroud Platinum
SusiStroud January 03, 2014
very creative, well done!!! Congrats on your Feature!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta January 03, 2014
Brilliant constructed image - excellent work. Congratulations.
june_coker_428 January 05, 2014
KarenCaptures January 05, 2014
I love this so much it makes me giggle!
julierikerdant January 05, 2014
OMGoodness! What FUN and how creative!! Bravo!
fotogalmexican Platinum
fotogalmexican January 08, 2014
modelmeemaw Platinum
modelmeemaw January 09, 2014
Eun, WOW shot!!
lanawatson January 09, 2014
Love this how the little boy looks like he's wearing a top hat and the lady looks like she's wearing a veil .. well done :)
brianking January 09, 2014
This is brilliant shows great imagination
larrybuckley Platinum
larrybuckley January 09, 2014
Nice Job!! Wish I could do that - maybe one day I'll attempt it...
WayneRoss January 10, 2014
VB needs a "This is a HOOT!" award!
Great job on this.... I can't imagine someone saying to the client, " Well, this is what I'm gonna do.... You get dressed up in your best clothes and I pop a water balloon on your heads! "
RobTuscani Platinum
RobTuscani January 10, 2014
Great stuff from you as usual, Rich.
RolandRuttenPhotography January 12, 2014
Amazing shot, It seems the boy left has a waterhat! haha Nice job!
Mehrdad_GholamiAznaveleh January 12, 2014
So beautifully captured.
Right at the Right time in Right position toward Right feeling.
Alright its excellent.
redwriter Platinum
redwriter January 13, 2014
Cool shot. Congrats. - Jake
Nikoner January 23, 2014
I like the way you've done
mikehillebrand January 28, 2014
Like a tim tadder photoproject
Imagerii January 31, 2014
I like the way you think. You're very good at your craft. I commend you for this wonderful piece.
Heyjude February 01, 2014
Congrats! Brilliant and so creative. Love your work and your artistic approach.
Fotostyle-Schindler February 06, 2014
Great work, well done
barbaraseager February 16, 2014
Amazing, love to see how you did it as well.
Jodibear58 February 20, 2014
ieyles June 23, 2014
this is an interesting family portrait :) well done
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi August 14, 2014
awesome shot ! Congratulations !
SammyNJM August 21, 2014
this is so awesome!
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi November 28, 2014
Fantastic shot !
brigid_kelly December 05, 2014
What a fun idea for the family, very creative!!!
MindeyeVisual December 26, 2014
My favorite family portrait of the year. Congrats on your feature
TrevJel January 01, 2015
All the hard work, technical set up and your creative skill have produced a family portrait masterpiece. Well done.
ReneeBlake PRO+
ReneeBlake January 11, 2015
Awesome !
MarcoCastiglioni January 23, 2015
annakakabadze February 10, 2015
looks like a fun shoot and everyone seems very pleased with their new hairstyles
DAPhotography February 27, 2015
Congratulations. Very creative!
judyhorton March 06, 2015
Wow! amazingly creative!
andybutler1974 May 03, 2015
not quite sure how you done this,but i love it!
leecormier May 04, 2015
fantastic idea.Love this.Subjects did a great job holding pose.This must have been at the end of the shoot.
brandonbarnes May 05, 2015
Now that is creative. What a shot... GREAT job.
ShellyRwanda Platinum
ShellyRwanda June 12, 2015
Super fun and creative. Thanks for sharing the photo and the how to. They must have been really fun to work with.
JasonTrikes September 08, 2016
Very cool, nice to see an awesome shot(s)
gman176 Jul 17
Love the creativity!
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