Another contest has ended and we have been blown away by the amazing quality and originality of the entries. The following images show experimental angles and the different perspectives shown in the contest submissions are awesome. We are excited to have such a talented guest judge for this contest, Emma Brabrook. Emma is based in South Wales, UK. She first got interested in photography many, many years ago, but she really got actively stuck into it five years ago. Emma loves teaching others more about photography and retouching and has a soft spot for beautiful landscape photographs. Her favourite photographers are many of the greats - Annie Leibovitz, Paolo Roversi and Gregory Crewdson to name a few.

Grand Jury Winner

"I love the colors in this image and the lines on the bottom of the frame really draw your eye into the picture and off into the distance, so you take the journey along that road yourself." - Emma

Runner Up

"This photo made me think of a tiny little fairground in the middle of the desert, which was quite fun to think about! I thought it was a clever use of perspective." - Emma

People's Choice

"I love the striking color palate of the yellow, black and white. It really catches your eye! It's great seeing all the band members marching in step from above, all looking the same aside from the instruments they carry." - Emma