Meet the Master Judge for this photo contest: Ignacio Palacios. When it comes to photography and travel, few can rival Ignacio Palacios’ experience, skill, and passion. A third-generation photographer, Ignacio has been honored with over 100 prestigious photography prizes and awards from around the world and has traveled to over 90 countries in his 20 years career. It’s little wonder he’s developed a reputation as a leading photographer in the fields of travel, landscape, and nature photography.

A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots showing unique cultural moments with chances to win $500 to choose the prize and more cool stuff!

Grand Jury Winner

"Nice and striking portrait with the subject looking at the camera and a simple and beautifully textured background. Well-composed and the green and red colours, being complimentary work really well and help the overall composition. Well done." - Ignacio Palacios

Runner Up

"I like the narrative of this image and the soft nice bokeh. The light is also very beautiful and when I saw this image instantly reminded me of some shots I have seen from Steve McCurry." - Ignacio Palacios

Runner Up

"This is a beautiful, candid and simple image of some kids playing/hunting in Namibia. Perhaps cropping the image from the top would have made the composition simpler. And cropping a little from the left as well as the group is looking to the right and they need a bit more room there. Overall a great image and well seen." - Ignacio Palacios

People's Choice