SweetDee August 17, 2015
WOW. This is a fantastic shot!
veronicagochnour September 03, 2015
Amazing shot! I'm curious, is the elephant angry at the gazelle? Did they just accidentally get in the way? and also when you took the photo were you a bit worried about your own safety????
johan_barnard January 01, 2017
Thanks Veronica , the elephant is not angry at all, its more like a "this is my waterhole" attitude - we witnessed it lots of times, we were in our vehicle, far enough - we are using 500mm lenses
Yasseen September 28, 2015
FaithPhotography October 07, 2015
Not, that had to be scary.
cjstein October 12, 2015
This is excellent
SuzieQ63 October 13, 2015
Brilliant !!
simonharding October 14, 2015
Incredible shot!
rhondaflynn December 14, 2015
Amazing shot! I've recently started a challenge for photos of elephants. I would be honored if you could/would consider joining. Thanks!
k9socal April 18, 2016
William_Nettmann May 06, 2016
Seeing this in the Animal Kingdom competition, I was struck by the kingship of the elephant. Who ever made the lion king of the jungle, anyway? This photo really captures the concept of royalty and regal authority.
maureenrueffer May 26, 2016
thomassztanek June 17, 2016
Just keep on shooting !!!
Dparmiter July 07, 2016
Raised the bar on this category

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