Thank you to all the photographers that shared best Winter B&W photos with chances to win a Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm  and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer James Rushforth for his collaboration as a guest judge in this contest. Having spent the last seven years exploring the mountains of Austria, Italy and Spain, James Rushforth is an experienced climber, mountaineer and skier. An internationally award-winning photographer and a published author, he has worked with prestigious publishing houses including Rockfax, Cicerone and FotoVue and has contributed to a number of magazines, websites and blogs. James Rushforth is part of the Norrøna Pro Team and is kindly supported by Breakthrough Photography and Landcrusing.

"Icy wind" by (A)iriswaanders

"Homeward " by UsmanovRashid

"Backcountry Skier" by tomwillis

"Red Fox" by SunBear22222

"Boulders_Snow_Feb12_2017_Watermark" by sdondero

"Cabin by the Lake" by peterfoldiak

"Falls Creek Sled Dog Classic" by philtaylor_5129

"untitled" by StephenLittlePhotography

"cold smoke" by rcscharf

"Minimalistic" by michaelstabentheiner

"Yes... it is frozen :)" by ellu

"Arctic friends" by danielventer

"iceland__buoakirkja_01BW" by gilesrrocholl

"Shore Ice - Lake Superior " by Fujiguy

"Arctic Fox B&W" by roselandry

"Photographing Giants" by KatnPat

"MOODY SUNRISE" by (A)benzcatbagan

"Winter forest" by swqaz

"Mystic trees" by alekrivec

"Snowfall | Copenhagen" by CorySchlossImages

"Kirkjufellfoss" by wildlifemoments

"Drawing his own" by petersvoboda

"Frederick, First Snow 2016" by BruceSaunders

"Frozen" by Heathered

"Squirrel in Black and White" by susantangen

"Those Were The Days" by phil1

"Alone" by Ivan_Bertusi

"The Perfect Calm copy" by NedBurrell

"Silence in Yellowstone" by timboten

"Sunrise over Yellowstone Geyser Basin" by tomingramphotography

"Solitary in the Snow" by jaybirmingham

"Antarctica" by Forrest_Brown

"Fingers of Light" by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"Isolated" by littlebearph

"Trinity" by Vidrik

"Winter Details" by KiminWNC

"cold-waters-BW" by rogerhampton

"The Snowflake" by storyofmylife

"Blizzard" by VictoriaKF

"church" by pamramseycorey

"Ice Mountains" by robwill236

"The Black Church" by beamieyoung

"The Mountain Wall" by surrey_george

"Korona" by (A)CmoonView

"ice skating bnw-2" by JMKEPhotography