Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Four Elements Photo Contest in collaboration with Macphun, sharing their best photos showing air, fire, water or earth. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins a Macphun Creative Kit.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Max Rinaldi for his collaboration as a guest judge. Max Rinaldi is a freelance photographer specializing in wildlife. Longtime world explorer, he started discovering the wonders of the globe with his backpack and a small analog camera, always trying to absorb and catch any kind of different culture found on his path. Many of his works can be found on magazines such as Huffington Post, Daily Top, Gazzetta dello Sport, The Telegraph, especially his Kingfisher’s shots, of which is one of the main representative in the international scene.

"The Heavens Rain Down" by nicholas_elwell

"Jökulsárlón" by Raagoon

"Benijo Sunset " by WillG

"Skógafoss" by Vemsteroo

"Sunrise Over Monument Valley" by ogdapuss

"Sunrise at Krossnes" by DerekKind

"At The Beach" by PaulMurphy

"Nature in Hand" by KingRuss

"Lodos" by apatschiphotos

"Icy Beach Moonset" by madspeteriversen

"Stormy Abandon" by RyanWunsch

"Selfoss in Iceland" by Rostovskiy

"Boulderise" by PhotoKyn

"Veules-les-Roses France" by DennisartPhotography

"Last sun rays" by (A)aidagri

"autumn falls" by ntinos

"The Promised Land" by jasondodd

"Durdle Door" by philbailey

"Elbow Falls Sunset" by chadmcmahon

"Tree of life" by JADUPONT

"Niagara Falls" by AndreSecours

"Willow-Lake" by michaelwilson

"Hot vs. Cool" by Jekawrig

"Cypresses..." by kbrowko

"EARTH, ICE & FIRE" by jesreyes

"Heaven on Earth" by peterfoldiak

"Golden Curl" by KanaPhotography

"Inferno" by antonagarkov

"Belvedere Farmhouse" by (A)lynnpeck

"Training Burn" by murpjo

"Tuscany Rolls" by ashlibrookephotography

"On the Rocks" by SteveBadger

"Camp Vibes" by MitchChristofferson

"Oceanside Campfire" by jameswheeler

"Eating Marmallows and Drinking Cider High Above Wapta Falls, BC" by Edinseye