For this photo contest, we invite you to show us how you use the rule of thirds in your photography with chances to win a Tamron 17-35mm F/2.8 lens and more. The basic composition principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so that you have nine equal parts and place the subject in the intersecting sections. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Play Misty for me " by nathanhowells

"The search " by alexmazilu

"Beautiful blonde woman " by cinematheart

"Wadi Rum Spaces" by marcodelpozzo

"Matin magique " by MikaPhoto83

"Lighthouse at Night" by jdnethery

"Making a Wish " by prajitr

"Orange Room " by mmqrctwy9h

"Field of Dreams " by Twmooney

"Sønderho mølle " by F-Baun

"East meets West " by Keane_Eye

"Pier 1 " by JonCrow

"Reflections " by davidsantangelo

"Optical View" by lucianocapasso

"Masjid Selat Melaka / Melaka Straits Mosque at sunset, Malaysia. " by davidscottrobson

"Dasha for Alchemy of Alignment - Kickstarter link in bio. This piece was just selected as a finalist - please vote for me in the B&W2021 contest: " by Soulcraft

"Mysterious forest " by edytatrojaskakoch

"Good morning sunshine " by jalqphotography

"Carpathians Moutains " by WiktorBaron

"Sunset Wave on the Gold Coast, Australia" by OceanArtwork

"In the sunset mist " by HakanLiljenberg

"Breaking Egg Protein Splash........." by lekahuie

"Morning Fog " by NVisual

"SAM_0463 " by guydude

"IMG_20220104_135031_903 " by davidepagano

"Long exposure of a local farm in baguio city philippines. " by melvincornelcarantes

"Beautiful things around us " by sherryann_6680

"Music Buff " by HelenRea

"Glenfinnan viaduct " by alekseisolovjov

"flamingo mingle " by JessieDee

"Driftwood Beauty " by DenimBaker

"Giraffe and Elephant " by amalizard

"Posing in red " by PixelsInLightspace

"Rocklyn Zion United Methodist Church " by BigJer

"Out of the dust... " by steve4wdaus

"C371048B-70C9-4D7F-9139-35DF2DCEB1C4.jpeg " by kjellkarlsson

"Summer's End " by larrybeard

"De Praia Rock at Sunset " by Paul-Stapleton

"Symphony " by barbarapustelnik

"That Wanaka tree " by IamAleks

"© Natural-fotografie by Tamara Nederkoorn " by Tamara-N-Photography

"canyons 214 " by Biata

"DSC_7272 " by romainbarats

"Méditation profonde. " by WilfridGuess

"Tuscanys minimalism " by twieczorek

"Mount Hood reflecting on Lost Lake " by TrekLightly

"Burj Khalifa Moon Rise " by MikeW

"Cry me a Rainbow " by mollybickartistry

"Notre Soleil " by bitterer

"Splendor " by Petergwy

"Stairs " by MarioHorvat

"Nubble Lighthouse Cape Neddick " by zkrol

"A Drop Of Blood " by sarahallegra

"Pont de Ré " by Imdev

"kitten in basket " by Jenn81

"Look at me, boy " by Diegoo

"Alone " by debbieblack_8105

"A flower in the middle of flowers " by Patosan

"Hand Balance in the sunset sillouette " by lukechadwickjones

"Going up " by danielmillerphotos

"Downhill Night Ride " by vedran_k

"Abandoned " by Pascale

"Believe in the good things coming " by justineg

"DSC01033 " by jasongeneric

"The Calling " by santifisher

"The blue lake " by Juliocastropardo

"Beyond bliss " by EduOak

"Boris Savoldelli " by UncleDozer

"Dream " by gerhardmozolic_8139

"A Fairytale Moment " by martinson-crusoe

"La Muerte " by hajmanek

"Feathers of the sea " by dtgphoto

"Smile Machine " by (A)chrissuckle

"Winter sunset in the fairy forest " by (A)Pfoten-Chaoten

"Lovely Autumn " by (A)raminata

"Jameson Distillery I " by (A)lednuke

"Doting Parents " by (A)karenpphotography

"King " by (A)Lorenzoragazzi

"chesterton windmill barley tracks " by (A)wolfman57