Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos showing a subject dividing the frame in two in this photo contest with chances to win a DJI Mavic Spark drone and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer George Digalakis for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. George was born and raised in Athens, Greece, in 1960. A medical doctor by profession, he still lives and works in Athens. It was only in 2011 when he first studied photography and became acquainted with classic and contemporary photographers, that he realized this medium would offer him a gateway from reality, and enable him to express his inner world. He has participated in a number of exhibitions around the word and his work has been recognized in many international competitions, such as Px3, APOY, Sony World Photography Award, FAPA etc. He has been published in various magazines and sites.

"IMG_1044-3" by AFROBEAST

"Lake Braies" by nikolaialexiev

"Winter Wonderland" by evgenyvasenev

"C I R C U S. Destiny Waterfall" by TimBoothPhoto

""Water Fall"" by ericbennett

"Wedge pond sunrise" by weirfang

"_MG_9197" by simonelenzi

"My Wonder Woman" by stefanozocca

"school excursion" by maperick

"River Crossing Thailand - Bridge - Aerial " by tominspires

"henrik4f" by jeanettekbbernholm

"In a mirror" by katarzynaokrzesik

"Amazon Milk Frog " by MichelleH_Photography

"Cac?a-Foto DOME SPLIT PHOTOS-0240719" by MiguelJeronimoPhotography

"Bridge" by WolfEyesPhotography

"pine marten" by davejoicey

"Ipsos Jetty" by antoniozarli

"The Long Road" by PhotoWorks

"Al Garhood Bridge 3" by tinoskiee

"Climbing Spada nella Roccia" by jamesrushforth

"Be?ziers" by SirDiegoSama

"-cold queen" by leoniefietz

"Backdrop" by beyond_the_prism

"Jaune" by VascoDeGarba

"Reflection" by Chris_Bos_Photography

"20170728-_DSC4570" by outside

"Icy " by martaadra

"water is like cotton" by faizbahtiarputra

"Blackbuck, the Look" by avkash

"Berkendonk DSC02681" by toonsmits

"Gudvangen Cruise, Norway" by danielchan

"Turning Perpendicular" by abhishektropmet

"Glowing in Darkness" by auxgen4

"When the sea meets the sun" by diegobaravelli

"Tassie " by BMAC1978

"Way to reach your stars" by SuperGibo

"The snake under the Ra Gusela" by FedericoAntonello

" Repair of heating duct" by WWWest

"In the garden" by tammyswarek

"The tree in the sea" by tomrexjessett

"~ Stretch Jump ~" by HenrikSpranz

"Below The Horizon" by AleQueroDodge

"Bracing for the storm" by markkuch

"St Monans Pier, St Monans,Scotland." by garyalexander

"Reflecting on life" by That_Photo_Guy

"Aurora" by gijscollet

"Time & Tide" by Rinkrat

"Alone" by piotrhalka

"Rakotzbrücke" by LukasPetereit

"Brevard squirrel" by bmfox

"A Frosty Road" by Daniel-Photography

"Rolling Hills of New Zealand" by sethcarper

"Peace in Solitude" by sdondero

"Evening in Saragossa." by viktorgoloborodko

"SLeonardi SplitWorld" by stephenleonardi

"Voodoo " by wenchejostad

"Batea I" by javii

"Lake Skimming" by sdkmax

"Mirror Bridge" by skeeterarnold

"Stones by the sea" by Riekkinen

"oak tree" by antonyz

"Gannets Billing" by MarieLianne68

"Wave Dress" by HouavangPhotography

"Marginal" by shearshank

"All-together" by petersvoboda

"What Lies Beneath" by CreationScape

"Lake Louise Calm" by ryandaw

"Autumn Reflection" by cmoore

"Praa Sands waves" by lukedimech

"Twins" by Kevin_Li

"Reach for the stars" by Gareth_Carr

"Stay glassy" by create28

"Lake Geneva" by michelvisentin

"S" by maxsolve

"Determination" by HathsinPhotography

"NOW..." by BobbyBorgia

"The two" by redzepagicaida

"Skógafoss " by Throughmycanon

"Bridge" by apatschiphotos

"Rhino sunset" by mauritzchristiaanjaneke

"Creation" by kellytatephoto

"Hong Kong" by rowanke

"DSC_1118" by anabautelynch

"Moving Jump" by PieterPietersPhotography

"Waiting for the guests, Italy" by Houmann

"The bodily light" by UnTill

"Hanalei Pier at Dusk" by msmith_az

"Millennium Bridge London" by (A)Emperorzurg123

"Common Goal" by Michael_Higgins

"Infinite Road" by alexanderuljanov

"Stokksnes" by RichardShore

"The Dam Dawn" by (A)frankvacante

"Behind the wall" by (A)sepehrshokri

"IMG_0667-2" by (A)marcopasqual

"Morning from Seashore" by (A)ivailobosev

"Rendezvous" by (A)PriscilaOctavianaBadalut

"Nonstop" by (A)LarryGreene

"Up in the sky" by (A)FBPhoto

"Eye level" by (A)tylerfitz94

"Ends of the earth" by (A)petrovpavel

"Brighton pavilion at night" by (A)lauraloo91

"Wooden walkway" by (A)milkyway