Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the best of your abilities as a photographer in this photo contest in collaboration with Photofocus. Regardless of the type of photography you choose to focus on, Photofocus is here as a helpful and educational resource for the aspiring and professional photographer.

A special thanks to all the photographers that voted for their favorite shots helping us find the following finalists:

"Mogador" by NiCoBoCo

"Horseshoe Bend" by kelliklymenko

"from the darkness (1 of 1)" by robynlesley

"Docked..." by brandonchapman

"Forsaken Forte" by (A)ntgreen

"Back Bay Dock" by michyoung

"Storm Season in Tanah Merah, Qld " by Roach1969

"Limerick Glows" by NoelSalisid

"Fleya's close up" by (A)LittleFleya

"Lone tree in the snow" by robatkins

"Time for ignition" by juliusmanly

"Crand Canal" by (A)Alcu3

"Desert Storm" by BForePhoto

"The bridge of colors" by albertoghizzipanizza

"image" by (A)dhundro

"top of the world" by rhmimages

"Blue inside" by KellyHeadrick

"Alpine Cloud" by selinacharnock

"My Town" by Tiziano

"Nth Avoca Milky Way Pano 280215" by (A)brennanellis

"Cape Dissapointment Lighthouse" by donanzinger

"Let's Make Music" by dutchmanstl1

"New York by Night" by thomaslhoest

"Tulips in the sunset" by kimschou

"Gollinger Mill" by Notko

"Surfing into the Extreme" by bobbyd-skidmore

"Time To Go Home" by CathyWithers-Clarke

"Peter Iredale Shipwreck" by BensViewfinder

"Grist Mill" by jamesvcase

"exmoor" by pnewbery