We are excited to announce the finalists of this people and night mystery photo contest. In this contest we asked you to submit your photo to uncover the details of the prize and have your photos reviewed by amazing judges. Thank you to all the participants and to the people that voted on their favorite photos.

"Need for speed " by StefanWitte

"AshdonRunning " by tomato1236

"Psst. " by stashek_horodecki_dop

"In a dark " by katarzynamwiskajaboska

"Carla " by DamianPiorko

"Liliina (dockland) " by laansanh

"Cross The Bridge " by VeniceArt

"Speed " by klepikovadaria

"Let it snow... " by WWWest

"Wired " by bilans

"Self portrait under the Milky Way " by alekrivec

"Cowboy " by bryanmcgowan

"Lighting the Way " by benjaminfoote

"Phone Booth " by Boholm

"Stranger in the night " by jevgenijscolokov

"DESCENT " by MarsKaDt

"The Arrival " by gunnarheilmann

"Road to the Stars " by iwangroot

"the way back home " by joecas

"Winter Nights " by wonderandwhimsy

"Delight " by swqaz

"Fairy Light Portrait " by JonniePetherbridge

"Italian streets " by panyoki

"Self Portrait " by rowanke

"Giovanni " by maximilian_eheim

"_MG_0031 " by gillettephoto

"Wedding Sparkles " by Al_Bell

"Riverwalk #102 " by jonwolding

"Night portrait " by cinematheart

"Floral Grace " by DarrenCharles

"||| SKY LANTERNS ||| " by iAnirbanDey

"Firefighter " by Andreas_Voigt

" " by jacksonmann_3918

"226 " by KelsAndrey

"Brother in arms. " by stevenmaguire

"Valentina Luz " by maikschrank

"Stunned by the cold " by Jesse3650

"inspiration " by genevievelapointe

"Sabrina " by lucafoscili

"neon night " by Elijah_sad

"Treasure Hunter " by Harbi

"red and blue " by Kirichay

"Intimate " by stephanemichaux

"How I Shot This Photo! " by ArberElezi

"Determination " by tressiedavis

"To Telescope " by kevinburnside

" " by (A)SJWebb

"Take Me To The Upside Down " by (A)s_cavazos

"Sweet light " by (A)naraoneil

"Neon portrait " by (A)TijanaKocic01

"Happy 4th of July! " by lisaholloway

"Jodphur (blue city) - India " by krisbednarzewski

"Odd Look " by juandiegojr

"Lady in red " by wojtekpiatek

"Night of Boston reflected through the eyes " by canahtam

"17L " by JohnFilmalter