Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing a sense of mystery in the Mysterious Shots Photo Contest with chances to win a Arcanum Membership and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Wes Hardaker for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Wes Hardaker is a fine art photographer, photography educator and he is a Master in The Arcanum. He specializes in focusing a scene down to its core subject through minimalism techniques, focused composition and creative processing. Wes travels the world like mad, and has been passionately capturing images of it for over 30 years.

"I Once Was Blind " by ChrystalOlivero

"Gent at the Event" by andynewman_3473

"Nothing will stop me" by mssunshine

"The Giant's Gate " by Followmeaway

"20131202 06 51 02_-Bearbeitet-2" by oliverschael

"white rose of peace" by darcithompson

"Kerol" by NomadArtPhotos

"Beneath the Fog" by bromleychamberlain

"Count of San Gimignano" by Steve-Pond

"Tunnel" by 1WolfPhotography

"Grutte Pier fan Kimswert" by (A)cristjenlai

"selfie" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Magic woods" by (A)valdi

"devcote" by (A)teddydomagalski

"Carnatic wreck" by dmitriyfd

"Peace for Ophelia 9" by sunsetnurveins

"Into the mist" by FuzzPhotography

"A Girl In The Rain" by rossglasgow

"Ruby over Fjadrargljufur" by eastlyn_

"JoannaWEB4" by christianjohnoreilly

"A path less traveled." by Harbi

"bind" by (A)inolab

"golden " by lukakwiatkowsky

"Beautiful Girl Lost in a Fairytale" by AlissaBethPhoto

"Turning to Grey " by lukegram

"Lost" by MRRogers

"The morning" by yagami

"Elopement " by HouavangPhotography

"Annika & Elsa" by lydiahansen

"The farmer " by sdldawn

"DSC_0143" by NotToday

"In the Light of Allah" by Linus_at

"untitled" by tomtyson

"lace" by alanclimb

"Mystery face" by thierryvouillamoz

"Musician writing in his thoughts " by johnwood

"Lost In The Wind " by ClassTenPhoto

"waiting " by Marian_Uram

"IMG_7048 " by lauradark

"Duality " by jasonmatias

"Isabelle " by KMDCphotography

"Gravity " by luigiscuderi

"Raiza " by CeciliaBradley

"879610x20 2 " by danrowe

"Anastasia " by liudmiladutko

"Darkness " by pstavs

"Wally " by AleQueroDodge

"Rear Window " by (A)kaytabs

"Seeing each day as the same " by Manadh

"Photolga-portland-oregon-dark-beauty-photographer-sarah-8 " by PhotOlga

"IMG_9956 " by jenniferarnold

"My boy and his dog " by (A)patgriffin

"Alina " by ilyayakover

"Into the Woods " by idahollis

"Corinthian the Unflappable " by martinkohn

"Gold and red " by siegart

"Powder Shoot " by PaigeLaroPhotography

"Burlesque Bunny " by Rob_Lopshire

"Portrait " by beamphoto

"amazon girl " by razga

"Frammenti di...Giorgia " by Erik_Niko

"Face " by lisamariephotog

"Slow Motions " by stefanozocca

"Bridge to the nothing " by Adizoli89

"Yin and Yang " by endegor

"The Native " by adrianabrahams

"IMG_2946 " by Marina93

"Dark child " by ClovisDM

"Days like that " by PIXEL_V2

"Eyes to me " by LynkPhotography

"The last man standing " by (A)patriciasoon

"Greta " by captainflavaa

"Victoria " by alecmcjannett

"Eye lens-2 " by marcpickard

"a dream to follow " by mirela-balea

"IMG_6302 " by RobClaysPhotos

"Kinder Scout waterfall " by (A)arnaslucinskas

"Lou " by sollenaphotography

"- D R E A M L I K E - " by spARTiat_de

"Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar. " by sussicharlottealminde

"from " by BerezinY

"Trapped " by melissa_ila

"burn the witches " by PoloD

"Portrait-003 " by KoreaSaii

"Alexis Face-Hand-Hair #1 #048 of 365 " by gregedwards

"milky way - farm - nz-LOGO " by (A)adrianoleitephoto

"Steel wool - April 2016 " by arturogonzalez

"Karla " by vedranvidak_1401

"Smoked " by johnknudsen

"Light and Dark " by CasaBay_Photo

"Feel the Joy " by Yannick

"Misty Lane " by DavidMonty

"Sanibel Lighthouse " by maperick

"The Black Swan " by (A)gracealmera

"Running through the beeches " by Gilmour82

"JoBeth " by tristanduplichain

"10 Emerge " by maggiegardener

"Man it the mist " by Boholm

"Myrtha " by kateluber

"+ " by _0130_6071

"Storms Coming " by (A)Trevington

"Darkness comes " by StuDP3

"Seing colours with eyes closed " by CristinaCristea

"Visionary " by jacksoncarvalho

"Stuck in dreams...again " by pedroquintela

"Best friends forever " by vikkirogers

"Maiden; desperation " by kitaetsuko

"Galaxy " by Dasha

"Veronika " by pedrontheworld

" " by jamesross_5714

"Daybreak " by Drewxeron

"The love of the game. " by MMills