For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best food shots with chances to win a Moment Wide 18mm lens and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Solli Kanani for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Solli Kanani is a professional photographer based in Paris. With a genuine interest in gastronomy, she spends the majority of her time doing food photography. She contributes with images to food magazines but also captures plates of Michelin-starred and award-winning chefs. Several of her photos were recently shortlisted in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Linguine " by YuliyVasilev

"Love the creativity Yuliy used here to plate the food. We often tend to showcase food more or less the same way. You shouldn't be afraid to be bold and play with the food. "Linguine" is more than just a food photo, its where art meets food, bravo!" - Solli Kanani

Congratulations Runner Up "Mystery " by ImiTakacs

"I was intrigued by this photo and the untold and mysterious story it's evoking. It's an image you simply just don't pass by, it makes you observe it and use your imagination. The dessert is what grabbed my attention at first but then I discovered the coat and my mind started to drift away, this is the beauty of storytelling through an image." - Solli Kanani

Congratulations Runner Up "Cake time! " by daliaa

"A beautiful food image that speaks the warm colors of Autumn. I love the depth in the image thanks to the blurry foreground framing created with yellow flowers. A dreamy photo with eye-catching details." - Solli Kanani

Congratulations People's Choice "Richie Rich Ramen Bowl " by jonathonchandon

"Roman desserts " by lisalantrip

"Burgers.. " by elenapardini

"Whiting and wine " by coreygedwards

"If it’s not plant based, it’s debasing " by Brotherly.Love.Photo

"Squash Soup " by Joacomaj

"Paris Desert copy " by tricianicolescott

"Breakfast menu " by naurisdollins

"FB_IMG_1490874090628 " by KatherineM84

"Sarasin and Chocolate Pie " by drphoto44

"Breakfast Elegance " by schevallier

"Rotisserie Chicken " by bryxter

"Bon appetite! " by sallybryancullen

"Shrimp Po’ Boy " by Syolalan

"Nuts Pie " by giordanoaita

"Pancakes " by jonathanbartlett

"Oregano Baked Chicken " by CreateNovate

"Mango with vietnamese yogurt smoothie " by KQpham

"Chocolate and Pistachio Babka " by carmenioneanu

" " by Pupparazzi

"Cranberry Orange Muffins " by russsmith

"Meat and Mojitos " by meganbethmillar

"Belgian Waffle " by acglock

"Asian Food Series 1 " by CoreyForde

"Established 2004 " by Morgan_Lytle

"Dinner for One " by glenmarshall

"Cucumber dish " by stefaanachtergael

"Iraqi Traditionl pastries at Eid " by ruaaalbasha

" " by Kelhall83

"who want cake " by sandhyhindrawan

"My favorite dish " by ramdion

"117235419_162763012139598_2452478474303690896_n " by _9658_4894

"EE247AE0-D311-4577-B20B-E232D92E796E " by adamalthen

" " by asoblanc

"Fav Dish " by alvinyonathan

"Mmmm.. Are you hungry? " by cheadict

"Chrysanthenum pie at Le Pigeon in Portland, OR " by iy6q29dsfm

" " by themasked

"Breakfast " by surenderkumar

"Strawberry Eclair " by dawnvandoorn

"Crawfish boil " by edwardsikora

" " by olga_wing

"Lunch Munch " by volkmer

"Healthy Salad " by dimowat

"Hitting the Walls " by Alf_Myers

"Macaroon Heaven " by DarkEyes

"Sweet " by davidwkwok

"breakfast from heaven " by DonnaRacheal

"Sashimi " by CraigJPelling

"Taco party " by deborahv

"DSC01989 " by mihaileu

"Metropolitan Club NYC " by AIHphotogrphy

"Watermelon " by Stefany

"spoon1-wb " by PatriZioMBusnel

"straw " by jeanettekbbernholm

"m'hanncha " by mariedeviell

"Halftime Special " by HINESightMedia

"Dessert Design " by jasonebberts

"French Bakery " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"lunch " by ismeghead

"Banana Split " by dkmaxwell

"Colombian tamales " by mymissda1

"Rawa Fish Fry " by satyajitmore

"fried chicken " by awatifaziz9

"my first pho soup
" by amielcarz

"Macarons " by moniquenieuwenhuizen

" " by Rahul7878

"Cake " by Josef4727

"Fideuà Paella " by lolofrango

"Delicious! " by Actxy_ST

" " by stevegermana

"My dinner " by lyndenmaley

"Waffle cover with sugar on the plate and ice cream " by Snowyns

"Burger " by jackiegoodwin

"7E1DBF22-34AE-4772-84A7-1098AFEED6C2 " by bcjjjodonnell

"#cheese #foodporn #giantcrumpet " by KamieH

"Butter-baked Salmon " by peterbailey_7741

"Pizza " by leahminderhout