For this photo contest, we invited you to share the photos that you are most proud of. From remote vast landscapes and your favorite cities and towns to special family moments, portrait and fashion photography; thank you for sharing your most amazing photos and inspiring the community with chances to win a Canon 5D or Nikon D5300 and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"a15 " by Andreamartinphoto

"Out on the lake " by Scott_Clarkson

"White Gladiolus - 120 Film " by brucedavisphoto

"My Heart & Soul " by hadissima

"1F4003E5-177F-40A5-AB1B-85454BE67953 " by romainbarats

"Snow Princess " by Swiftwind

"A Winter Hugs " by LightRays

"On the lake " by Doney_D

"Sea of Stars " by ShutterSpeak

"Blessed by the light " by Denis09

"food photography " by _7360_3241

"Mac Ritchie " by victorgui

"AJC " by analisacorr

"Generations. Life. Love. " by umauvonstoetteritz

"Country love?? " by sara.tagawa

"Blooming Lights " by stephenvigil

" " by setlegend56

"Behind the Pain " by rababfaisal

"Someday " by ellestaples

"_LAN3107 " by simonyj

" " by jackkal

"The hidden cave " by Juliocastropardo

"Flowers_Mikasa_Park " by leohayes

"Bicycle " by rossmcgree

"The Quinceañera " by JayDavid

"*** " by katarzynamwiskajaboska