Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best moody landscape shots in the Moody Vistas Photo contest with chances to win Lowepro Backpack and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Benny Byström for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "I’m a 33-year-old hobby photographer based in Stockholm and northern Sweden. So far my main focus have been landscape photography and especially moody and melancholic scenes. No matter the season I’m drawn to fog, mist and cold especially in the mountains or by the water. I’ve been taking photos for about two years and done a number of collaborations with brands with connection to outdoor and nature. My favourite areas to shoot have as of this point been Lofoten, Norway and southern Iceland. Lately I’ve been discovering the most northern parts of Sweden which is fairly unknown to the big audience. Next trip will be the Abisko mountains, Sweden to capture the autumn colors."

"wheat storm " by RAWrightphotography

"South Greenland " by DanielKordan

"Valley Fog " by byrnephotography

"circulating fog " by (A)CmoonView

"Golden Rocks " by Mauro_Mendula

"Isle of Skye" by Woodstokkz

"Cathedral Rock Kiama" by TrevJel

"Foggy day" by nunocandido

"Bruarfoss on Fire" by Vanexusphotography

"Over the top" by Blionbg

" -The Misty Lake" by Aleks_Trpkovski

"Misty sunrise over the Hurlers" by SplinterPhotographic

"forest of witches" by AndreaSagui

"Elk at Sunrise " by donanzinger

"A land of clouds" by (A)robswit

"Dark Skies Over Vestrahorn" by jonbarkeruk

"Proportion" by Megabrain

"untitled" by agefoto

"soft lights in the forest" by egonzitter

"December morning" by daniturphoto

"Garrapata dawn " by DJLee

"Seashore." by Geinis

"the death of nature is always stunning and no where more so that scotlands wildlands" by martinbennie

"Dolomites" by (A)krzysztoflaskowski

"Ama Dablam" by tomrexjessett

"Storr" by Craigwww

"Mount Rainier" by eastlyn_

"Shards" by jamesaustrums

"Bec de l'aigle" by EmmanuelVerzura

"Tarangire-22" by KHAdventures

"Oregon Coast " by larrymarshall

"Reinebringen at dawn " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Castle Mountain " by (A)Davemce

"After the Storm. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Dream Lake " by MarvinEvasco17

"Monument Valley Lightning " by SShinners

"Wales looking very moody " by (A)mattbenham

"Faroe Adventures " by GaryCummins

"Volcanic River " by paaluglefisklund

"The survivors " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Into The Mist " by jtwphotos

"Shelf cloud " by PetarBphotography

"Winter Storm " by aaronjgroen

"Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand " by lake_of_tranquility

"Lake Goegrup Sunrise " by LesImgrund

"Reflect " by JasonStephens

"Sunset colors " by nikolaydimitrov

"Altai, Russia " by Rostovskiy

"Dark foss " by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Berry Head " by Paul-Stapleton

"The View " by (A)ks_pics

"Fitz Roy 8 " by kenfong_7038

"Brewing Storm " by crismagsino

"Light Bender" by ryanbuchanan

"Wildest Dreams" by andreacelli

"Wanaka Tree" by corymarshall

"Shining bright" by saintek

"Rosbeg, Donegal" by photonblender

"Deep Field Silhouette" by OmnableCreative

"Autumn Along The Cuyahoga River" by jasondamman

"A.Wake" by Diogo_Pereira

"Grey" by (A)girlsfromaus

"Eerie Overwatch" by (A)vanOgtropPhotography

"Moran's Falls" by richardvandewalle

"Boat In Mist At Milford Sound, NZ." by tassietom

"Jordalen" by (A)MariLaegreid