You know, by ditching colors, we can really dive deep into the core elements of photography like light, texture, contrast, and composition. We're on the hunt for photos that rock the world of black and white imagery, showcasing the creative genius and skill of the photographers. Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite Black and White shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Whisper in wind " by Alireza_Hosseini

"Gjemnessundbrua " by AstaNor

"Tranquility " by leochiqovani

"Up to the sky " by AlexandreDelPico

"Poppy's Little Princess " by Nishant-101

"The Eyes " by stefannielsen

"Pow(d)er #02 " by bendikstalheim

"“Lucidity” " by IRFineArtPhotography

"Vauxhall Interior " by kiwidragonfly

"Love Reflected " by cleitonisoton

"PA260242-2rap " by robertpuig

"Windmills in the fog " by ryanminion

"Alone " by adrianstanica

"oesterbanken bij Asnelles " by johanwolfard

"Fragile " by MCsaba

"Nightime Serenade " by redwriter

"Take my hand and follow me " by Gdhiman

"Under the moonlit sky " by martinpodt

"Winter Buck " by hiyahercfarm

"plane " by Ivansosaphotography

"Anamnese-31 " by lfcampos

"Bez naslova " by ivangalic

"View From The Top " by sdondero

"Masterminds " by DeeanaArts

"look me straight in the eyes, this time in the eyes " by depechmaniac

"Girls Rule " by sallycarey

"crocodile fern " by Biata

"Dying Breed " by FalconEddie

"Downtown at Night " by mea115546

"Buck in Black and White " by PeriHoke_CoyoteQuest

"The Stone " by FranciBepunkt

"self portrait " by RalfvonSamson

"Passenger Pending " by MikeW

"Multnomah Falls Black and white " by (A)MichelleMizerka

"Elephant B&W " by (A)ambertrudi

"Encounters " by (A)Lorenzoragazzi

"Frosty sea defences " by (A)jasoncervi

"Through the Fog " by (A)J_C_Mellas

"Lightning and rain above the Mittens, Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, USA " by (A)scottsinclair

" " by (A)sarabossoletti

"Sand Dunes " by (A)Sonya_Oli4

"Friendship " by (A)andreacaratti

"The Cozy Place " by (A)anuvabg

"Los Hermanos - Punta del Hidalgo " by Solana

"The Guardian in Black and White " by sgmtmi

"DSCN2443_edited-1 - (2) " by toddcollier

"Crotalus Squared " by bpwhite

"Hike in the history " by DMartinezPhoto

"my private tour of Mt. St. Helens " by JennaVee

"Sausages!?! " by NickBPhotoUK

""Wistful Wait" " by danmoran

"B&W Glowing lace " by Alternate_Viewpoints

"Natali " by Anastasiya_Kushnyr

" " by kgillespie

"20200806-_DSC5020.JPG " by Oaklandsteven

" " by alexfrench

"The Landing " by vlbradford11

"Picsart_23-06-28_18-52-00-684 " by slomboysmslom

"Speak " by Modifiedmind

"432A5368 " by raineychico

"Emery Summer
2023 " by BlueBarnProductions

" " by Ash20

"The demon within…. " by panilsson

"North Mountain " by Alfre_Xat

"Stuck between two worlds " by Lightyear

"Katie Lens Baby IV " by KayleighKay

"Long Day " by Techreation

"Tallinn Bay View 2000 IMG_9697 " by NFDI

"Moody Bled " by carmenioneanu

"infant026 " by harveyjewett

"Blizzard " by VictoriaKCampbell

"A Chick, A Click, And A Curl " by Keane_Eye

"Morning Mists NSW Australia " by Shadowmac_Photography

"Red fox - Grand Tetons Natl Park-1 " by Pegertler

"A. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

"Flip " by MOSTphotography

"Phare Rose Blanche " by JoelDucharme

"Julie " by AllEyesOnYou-Muenchen

"SbwrtCN5I8160 " by kdooley

"Sebastian Inlet " by FredGramoso

"Mommy & Me " by imeldabell

"Curves to Heaven " by AnotherDayisNOW

"Kjøsnesfjord " by runeaskeland

"Does Not Play Well With Others " by Sensei

"Merlin (1208-bw) " by StudioTjeerd

"The Dark Hedges " by pawelklarecki

"Time Passing " by Denis09

"Emerging from the Fog " by Ray_Laurence

"Time to Go " by Uphollandlatic

"Waiting for the Wind " by GayleLucci

"Beach Deco 80st " by dezkarpatiphotography

" " by korinnahorvath