Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing modern types of architecture in the Modern Architecture Photo Contest with chances to win a Apple Watch or an iPad Mini and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Felix Barjou for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. French Photographer Felix Barjou , 27, grew up in the world of advertising with graphic designers for parents. He started photography in 2008 with simple portraits, and immediately discovered his style and process. He is passionate about light, image editing and scene life, and ofter enjoys infusing his portraits and staging with a color touch!

"darmstadtium" by Anneliese-Photography

"The Elicium II" by peterjanjansen

"Mountainof Steel" by FredGramoso

"Lets dance" by joshuaperrett

"Statoil building" by tomaszmajewski

"up" by Arbustus

"Sonus Mutum" by olicamacho

"USS Enterprise" by jacksoncarvalho

"The Drill" by IvanMuraenko

"Upside down" by ruthchudaska-clemenz

"TheHighRoad" by Ricky303

"Muceum, Marseille" by Ybou55

"trainstation luik inside" by user_of_names

"Welcome to Heaven" by ashtraus

"United Tower Bahrain" by Craigwww

"Up in the sky" by (A)FBPhoto

"Helix Bridge Singapore" by (A)jpnjoe

"Light and Dark" by PhotoWorks

"The Black hole" by ashleysowter

"New York Skyline" by (A)LarryGreene

"Orwellian" by Jellyfire

"The Light Before The Dark" by AWAAphotos

"Absolut Towers" by Davehook

"stairway to heaven" by bernhardgeier

"Mystery Building" by A_Rachman_Photography

"W in the Sky" by kapuschinsky

"The Great" by nicolasntohme

"Burj Khalifa, Dubai" by shahbazmajeed

"Beach Road" by KellyMcCann

"The Shard" by (A)racheldulson

"Convergiencies" by antoniozarli

"Berlin 2013, Bundestag" by tafazzi66

"Singapore Marina Bay District @ Night" by Ckayphotos

"Govett-Brewster Art Gallery" by iamcordz

"Cage" by Adizoli89

"Carondelet " by betsyarmour

"City within a city" by (A)WendyParkinson

"Barbed Building" by chiznowlan

"Parque das Nações - Portugal, Lisboa" by acseven

"sunset by the bay" by alex_lauterbach

"Glimmer" by lpray3

"Miami Sky VIII - Espirito Santo Plaza" by dezkarpatiphotography

"Lloyd and Willis Building" by farigiovanni

"VERTIGO " by HugoAugusto

"SPECIESISM " by jesreyes

"Sky Pointers " by weshardaker

"Marina Bay Sands, Singapore " by mathewbrowne

"Royal Canadian Mint " by rejeanbrandt

"Past and Future " by peterfoldiak

"Curves, Paris " by markAPR

"Miami Sky VII " by dezkarpatiphotography

"Structure in Shades of Gray " by ChandlerWalker

"The Twins " by IanDMcGregor

"Luke, I am your father. " by bitterer

"Toilet Seat " by ewill

"London Walkie Talkie " by richiehall

"Rooftops? " by TimHallPhoto

"Manhattan Moonrise " by saraascalon

"Tornado Tower - Doha " by michiel-dl

"Glass Cubes " by jackvainer

"Haus Merian " by dustpixxByFabioAntenore